Hashtags are a great way to support specific events or campaigns across multiple social media channels. You can simply ask users to include a hashtag in their posts and using some free tools, aggregate and measure all of the conversation happening around a specific event or topic.

The simpler the hashtag, the better. Also, remember that hashtags don’t have to be date specific. For example, #JMUGrad will be more successful than #JMUGrad2016 because it’s more intuitive for users and can be carried through year to year.

Here are some of the major hashtags we use at different points throughout the year, by adding them to your posts; you’ll become part of that conversation.

  • #JMU20 (For our incoming class)
  • #JMUGrad
  • #JMUBigEvent
  • #JMU1787
  • #JMUHomecoming

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