• Facebook Insights Guide
  • Twitter Insights
  • IconoSquare: Connect IconoSquare to your Instagram account for in-depth analytics.
  • Bitly: You can use Bitly to create a trackable link that’ll allow you to see the number of times that link was clicked from anywhere that you posted it.
Posting and monitoring
  • Hootsuite: This program allows you to connect multiple platforms so that you can monitor everything in one place, schedule posts and measure engagement.
  • Tagboard: This site allows you to bring together all social mentions that include a specific hashtag. The page can then be shared on your social media properties or embedded in your website or blog.
  • Hashtracker: This site gives you in-depth analytics on specific hashtags, including number of uses and user data.
Designing visual posts
  • Canva: A great tool for designing visual elements for social media, including Cover Photos and image posts.
  • Fotor: A similar service to Canva.

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