Hart School logo

The Hart School logo is the preferred mark for the Hart School of Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management in the College of Business. The Hart School logo must be displayed according to the following standards.

  • The Hart School logo shall be legible.
  • The Hart School logo includes the James Madison University wordmark which is federally registered and must be displayed with the standard registration mark “®.”
  • The Hart School logo is surrounded by a “clear area” the width of the “H” in Hart. No words or graphic elements shall ever overprint, touch or appear behind it.
  • The Hart School logo shall be used in its entirety. No part of the logo, such as the Hart graphic, shall be used separately without permission from the JMU Office of Communications and Marketing.
  • The Hart School logo typeface, proportions and placement of elements shall not be altered.
  • The Hart School logo shall be displayed in purple, black or white.



JMU Brand Colors: print guidelines

JMU purple and gold are our brand colors.

JMU Purple 


Pantone 2685
Metallic: Pantone 8802 C

C: 92 M:98 Y:0 K:0

Use solid purple for small emphasis areas (headers, behind white wordmark) and avoid lavender tints.

JMU Gold


Pantone 4515
Metallic: Pantone 871 C

C: 0 M:9 Y:50 K:24

Use gold, gold tints or white for large main areas such as behind text.

JMU Brand Colors: web guidelines


Dark Purple #450084
R: 69 G: 0 B: 132
for titles, background color, linked text, buttons

Purple #B599CE
R: 181 G: 123 B206
use for icons, graphic elements

Light Purple #DACCE6
R218 G204 B230
use for graphic elements, background color


Dark Gold #AD9C65
R173 G156 B101
use for titles and graphic elements

Gold #CBB677
R203 G182 B119
graphic elements

Light Gold #F4EFE1
R244 G239 B225
background color


Slate #333333
R51 G51 B51

Dark Gray #595959
R89 G89 B89

Gray #B2B2B2
R178 G178 B178

Light Gray #D6D6D6
R214 G214 B214

Brand typography

Madison brand typography includes preferred font families. The serif font Adobe Garamond is for body text and the sans serif font Adobe District is for headlines, sidebars and captions. The slab serif font Adobe Stymie is also appropriate as an alternate headline font, and Adobe Franklin Gothic may be used as accent font.

Stymie BT


Adobe District

Adobe District

Adobe Garamond

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