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Development marks

For use with general OAG branded solicitations and other various collateral

For use with all OAG Madison Giving Campaign materials. The annual spring campaign is geared to faculty, staff and students

For use with OAG’s Giving Day that is to be an annual reoccuring campaign.

madison connection
For use with the Madison Connection Call Center

GOLD Network
For use with the GOLD Network website and any solicitations connected with it

valley scholars

Valley Scholars

president's council

President's Council

founder's society

Office of Planned Giving (Founder's Society)

Women for Madison

Women for Madison

JMU Brand Colors: print guidelines

JMU purple and gold are our brand colors.

JMU Purple 


Pantone 2685
Metallic: Pantone 8802 C

C: 92 M:98 Y:0 K:0

Use solid purple for small emphasis areas (headers, behind white wordmark) and avoid lavender tints.

JMU Gold


Pantone 4515
Metallic: Pantone 871 C

C: 0 M:9 Y:50 K:24

Use gold, gold tints or white for large main areas such as behind text.

JMU Brand Colors: web guidelines


Dark Purple #450084
R: 69 G: 0 B: 132
for titles, background color, linked text, buttons

Purple #B599CE
R: 181 G: 123 B206
use for icons, graphic elements

Light Purple #DACCE6
R218 G204 B230
use for graphic elements, background color


Dark Gold #AD9C65
R173 G156 B101
use for titles and graphic elements

Gold #CBB677
R203 G182 B119
graphic elements

Light Gold #F4EFE1
R244 G239 B225
background color


Slate #333333
R51 G51 B51

Dark Gray #595959
R89 G89 B89

Gray #B2B2B2
R178 G178 B178

Light Gray #D6D6D6
R214 G214 B214

Color usage

For Office of Annual Giving, when JMU gold color is primarily used in large spaces it as at a tint of 40% but can range between 20 and 50, never 100%

For other development pieces, color fills should be JMU purple and gold

tint examples
Accent colors

Eyedropper color pulled from an image that is being used in the design may be used as an accent color.

Other colors that have been used for infographics on the Gold Networking website pages and the FY 2014-2015 Impact Report and can be used in similar instances of differentiation are as follows:


C:89 M:45 Y:0 K:0
R:0 G:122 B:192

C: 70 M:16 Y:0 K:0
R:42 G:169 B:224

C:68 M:0 Y:45 K:0
R:64 G:188 B:164

C:51 M:0 Y:99 K:0
R:138 G:198 B:65


C:0 M:51 Y:99 K:0
R:246 G:145 B:31

C:0 M:90 Y:85 K:0
R:238 G:64 B:54

C:8 M:99 Y:37 K:0
R:220 G:28 B:104

C:27 M:100 Y:0 K:0
R:185 G:28 B:141

NOTE: These colors do not make up a large majority of the colors used for OAG. The focus should remain on the purple and gold.

Examples of color use.

Brand typography

Madison brand typography includes preferred font families. The serif font Adobe Garamond is for body text and the sans serif font Adobe District is for headlines, sidebars and captions. The slab serif font Adobe Stymie is also appropriate as an alternate headline font, and Adobe Franklin Gothic may be used as accent font.

Stymie BT


Adobe District

Adobe District

Adobe Garamond

Devolopment typography

Office of Annual Giving: in addition to the JMU brand typography

  • Titles are primarily in all caps in District Light. Stymie Bold can also be used for titles.
  • Body copy is primarily in District Book.
  • Links are in District Demi or Bold
  • Lily Wang is only used occasionally

Lily Wang: 

lily wang

Other development areas: in addition to the JMU brand typography

Serif and sans serif:
Most often use District and Adobe Garamond
Donor Relations and BTC Calendar - Futura and Bickham Script

Women for Madison: Zapfino (looks calligraphic quill pen)
President's Council: Bickham Script (and it's swash capital variants)

Bickham Script: 

Bickham script



Development photography

Office of Annual Giving photography:

Photos should primarily consist of people either laughing and happy or engaged in doing something. 

Extend Your Reach photos are taken with a purple filter over the flash which is located behind the subject and the tip of the finger is in focus while the rest of the picture is out of focus. The shot does not include the head.

NOTE: The Extend Your Reach photos that exist, already have the icons and the lens flare added in the photoshop file. To make new ones those layers must be added to the new files.

pic pic

Valley Scholars photography

Documentary and candid style


Women for Madison photography

JMU campus doors and bluestone background

doors bluestone
Icons and illustrations

The OAG icon style is flat and usually monochromatic. 
These are the icons for the 8 sectors that the university focuses on:

Advancing Culture

Boosting Innovation and Discovery

Renewing Civil Society

Increasing Access

Competing in Athletics

Leading in Business

Improving Health Care

Reforming Education

Wilson Hall icon for the Extend Your Reach, Touch More Lives messaging:


Examples of icons in use: 

1 2 3

For the Office of Annual Giving, when creating new illustrations and icons, the general style is to be friendly, playful, and rounded, not sharp. The use of a stroke with rounded ends and corners helps to create that look on the shapes.

illustration example
Textures & graphic devices


Office of Annual Giving: Flat color is primarily used, but Madison’s Treasure does use bluestone and antique paper textures

Office of Annual Giving: graphic device
A dashed (3 and 2) line can be used but should be between 2-3 pt stroke


Women for Madison
Uses bluestone texture

Office of Planned Giving
Uses bluestone texture


Women for Madison
Trajan “O” oversized, cropped with a drop shadow. The “O” is inspired by Dolley Madison circle groups she create to help James Madison in times of war and political purposes. The “O” is also symbolic for women.


Office of Planned Giving 
Purple textured pattern



Women for Madison
Light, shallow drop shadows; emboss

Design Examples
pres council

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