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Learn about the intelligence community before entering it

Because the general public often misunderstands the field of intelligence, the IA program suggests that prospective students pay special attention to accounts from credible sources (particularly from veterans of the field) to learn as much about the intelligence community as possible before entering it.

Below is a list of selected recommended readings and brief reviews from IA faculty. There are two categories of books reviewed – the first on intelligence in general, and the second on the actual process of intelligence analysis. Our hope is that students use these texts to guide their decision into the major and the field. 

Recommended Readings (PDF)

Publicly Available Intelligence Documents

Listed below are samples of real and publicly available intelligence documents from a variety of agencies and sources. These briefs represent the kind of work intelligence analysts do on a daily basis and should help familiarize students with the day to day life of an analyst.

Production cycle on intelligence briefings vary; some occur as a daily series of publications (typically less than 1 page). With other briefs, analysts can spend weeks, months, and sometime even longer working in teams to discover and develop information for consumption.

Take notice that the briefs listed are from national agencies, international agencies, and businesses; and despite the fact that they come from different organizations, there are distinct similarities in formatting with one goal in mind: making decisions. These reports help important stakeholders make decisions by addressing the facts of the situation to solve real world problems in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Publicly Available Intelligence Documents (PDF)

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