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Policy 1402, Faculty-Staff On-Campus Waiver of Tuition Program for Non Degree-Seeking Course Work at JMU

Policy 1405, Faculty-Staff Waiver of Tuition Program for Degree-Seeking Course Work at JMU

The university offers a waiver of tuition (undergraduate and graduate) to its employees, full and part-time faculty and staff, temporary non-student employees and emeritus faculty for academic credit courses offered at JMU each semester. Books, application fees, special course or departmental fees, and readmission fees are not covered. Refer to the completed policy for eligibility dates and course information.

The Graduate School (TGS) offers information sessions on becoming a graduate student at JMU. Visit their website for more information.

Off-Campus Tuition Reimbursement (Policy 1401)
The university will reimburse full-time permanent employees for tuition costs for courses taken at other educational institutions for courses which are not a part of a degree program. This policy is designed to aid classified staff and faculty who are expected to continue employment with the University for a period which will justify such educational assistance. The purpose of the program is to train classified employees

  1. in the use of new or modified equipment,
  2. in skills and knowledge required by changes in current positions,
  3. for advancement to positions for which qualified applicants are not otherwise available
  4. and appointed to positions with below-minimum qualifications because qualified applicants were not available.

Classified employees must have successfully completed their probationary period as a prerequisite for educational assistance.

The off-campus tuition reimbursement and the on-campus tuition waiver request forms are available through the Human Resource website. Return the completed forms to HR at MSC 7009 prior to the requested reimbursement/waiver.