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Human Resources has primary responsibility for monitoring pay decisions made in accordance with this Plan. Human Resources will provide quarterly reports to the division heads and the University Compensation Committee regarding pay actions. These quarterly reports will include analysis of demographic data (race, gender, age, national origin, role, pay band, etc.); percentage increases granted; increases by department, college and division; compliance with applicable laws, policies, rules and regulations; EEO impact; budget impact; impact on turnover and retention; and other statistical data as requested or required.

In accordance with this Plan, the University Compensation Committee and the division heads are responsible for evaluating the impact of the implementation of the University's Salary Administration Plan and the Commonwealth's Compensation Management System. The University Compensation Committee will meet quarterly to review the reports, evaluate the Plan's effectiveness, and make any recommendations necessary to improve the effectiveness and/or implementation of the Plan.

The Plan will be evaluated on an annual basis beginning in the fall of 2001. The evaluation will be based on the quarterly reports noted above and recommendations of the University Compensation Committee for changes or revisions to the Plan.


An employee wishing to challenge pay decisions made in accordance with this Plan should first consult informally with his or her supervisor. Next, the employee should meet with a representative of Human Resources to discuss reasons for particular decisions. Finally, an employee may access the Grievance Procedure for State Employees.


According to the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management, all pay action decisions must be based on legitimate pay factors as outlined in this plan. All pay decisions must be unrelated to race, gender, color, national origin, religion, age, or political affiliation, or otherwise qualified persons with disabilities.


Human Resources has primary responsibility for communicating information about the Commonwealth's Compensation Management System and the University's Salary Administration Plan to all levels of the University. These communication methods include training and professional development workshops for managers and employees; management and employee briefings; bi-weekly management updates; quarterly newsletters; departmental staff meetings; brochures; and electronic dissemination of information (websites and e-mail communications).

On-going communication efforts include new employee orientation, workshops, training and professional development opportunities, career development programs, recruitment advertising, and other means of communication as necessary.

Human Resources will adapt communication methods to accommodate the timely sharing of information. As new components of the Plan are implemented, Human Resources will develop appropriate communication strategies for all levels of management and employees.


The Director of Human Resources has the authority to interpret the provisions of this Plan. The president or his designee and the Director of the Department of Human Resource Management must approve exceptions to this plan.

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