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Type of Recognition


Those Eligible

Nomination By


Immediate Recognition:
Recognizes exceptional performance on short-term tasks

Individual Impact:
Awarded for performance, completion of a project or event

At any time Classified and wage employees Supervisor nomination through the VP to HR. Specific award determined by supervisor, reflective of budget and consultation with HR.


Maximum of $2,000 per fiscal year

Recognition Leave:
Classified employees may be awarded up to three days of annual leave (24 hours) per calendar year for immediate recognition for outstanding performance. The leave expires in one year and may be paid out before expiration or at termination.

At any time Classified employees only Supervisor nomination through the VP to HR

1-3 days

Maximum of 3 days or 24 hours per calendar year (Jan –Dec)
President-initiated Recognition Leave: The University President from time to time reserves the right to grant up to 16 hours of Recognition Leave per leave year. The leave may be targeted for specific days throughout the year and will be announced at the discretion of the Office of the President. At the discretion of the University President Classified employees University President 1-16 hours per leave year (Jan 10-Jan 9)
Customer Service Awards: Presented to individuals or groups who have contributed to exceptional customer service at JMU. Criteria could include: initiative in going the extra mile to provide services to internal and external customers with timely and appropriate follow-up, responsiveness to the needs of students and other patrons or customers and demonstrated improvement in customer service and satisfaction. At any time Classified and wage employees Supervisor nomination through the VP to HR $25-$2,000 Maximum of $2,000 per fiscal year

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