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TIP: If you currently have a JobLink account you do not need an additional account for PositionLink. Log into your JobLink account and you should see the Position Description toolbar on the left side. If not, please call Workforce Management at 568-3597 and we will correct it for you.

TIP: To return to a position after you've saved it: Once you've started revising the EWP in Update or Reclassify Position and select Save Without Submitting, or Save and Submit (to one of the other status selections), you cannot go back to the EWP through Update or Reclassify Position until the approval process is complete. Once you have started an action, it has to go through the electronic signature approval process. To go back to the EWP after you have saved and not submitted:

  • You must choose Search Actions on the left side toolbar.
  • Once you find the position through the search feature, you can click on the View link in the position box.
  • Click on Edit near the top of the position page for additional editing.

REMINDER: You cannot edit the EWP once you have submitted it for approval: If you've submitted the EWP to Reviewer or HR, you cannot edit anymore until it is either returned to originator (you) or the electronic signature approval process is completed.

REMINDER: To request a Role Change on PositionLink: The supervisor must first contact Workforce Management (568-3597). Workforce Management will guide the supervisor through the process and any additional requirements before changing the EWP in PositionLink.

REMINDER: To use the Pay Action Worksheet (PAW) in PositionLink: The PAW in PositionLink may be used by supervisors to submit In-Band Adjustments for change in duties only.

  • From the left toolbar, click Create/Update.
  • Click on Update or Reclassify Position.
  • Search for your position using the search feature.
  • Click on Start Action.
  • Open each tab to update information including the PAW tab.
  • Attach any other Supplemental Documentation that HR can use in evaluating the position for classification and salary considerations.
  • Once complete, click on Preview EWP on the bottom of the page.
  • Choose Submit to Reviewer for Approval and click Continue and then Confirm.
The updated EWP and a PAW form has now been submitted to the Reviewer who will approve/modify and then submit to HR. Workforce Management will contact you if additional information is needed.

REMINDER: To update a current position always use the Update or Reclassify Position action NOT Establish Position/Classify Position:

  • From the toolbar on the left side of your screen, click on Create/Update.
  • Click on Update or Reclassify Position.
  • Search for your position using the search feature.
  • Click on Start Action in the position box under the working title.
  • Now open each tab to update information.
  • When complete, click on Preview EWP on the bottom.
  • Choose appropriate destination and then click Continue and then Confirm.

TIP: To clone a position from an existing position: If you have a brand new position that is similar to an existing position in your department, you can choose the Clone Position feature to save time. When you clone a position, all the core responsibilities and measures information from an existing position is copied to a new EWP. Once cloned, you can edit the position as needed before submitting for approval.

  • From the left toolbar click on Create/Update.
  • Click on Establish Position/Classify Position.
  • Choose a Role Title on the Proposed Role Title tab.
  • Click on the Clone Position tab.
  • Search for the position you want to clone using the search feature.
  • Click on Select Title and Continue.
The position is now cloned. However, it is important to review each field to ensure that it contains correct information as it relates to the new position.

TIP: To view position history: Occasionally, you may want to view history data related to a particular position description. PositionLink will track the history by producing a copy of a position description each time an action is completed. To view position history:

  • Select Search Current Positions from the toolbar on the left side of your screen.
  • Search for your position using the search feature.
  • Click on the View History link under the Last Action column on the right side of the page.
  • Find the appropriate history date and click on View Summary to view the EWP.
  • The EWP that was approved at that particular time will appear in a window for you to view only.
  • Use your browser toolbar to print the EWP.