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Fringe Benefits

AFLAC Supplemental Insurance

AFLAC supplemental policies pay cash benefits directly to the insured. Employees may choose the policy/policies that best suit their needs with pre-taxed payroll deductions. AFLAC currently offers these plans with JMU group rates:

  • Accident – provides benefits for any accident
  • Cancer – features a first occurrence benefit, hospital confinement, and outpatient benefits
  • Intensive Care – provides coverage for a stay in intensive care for any sickness or accident
  • Personal disability income protector benefit – provides a source of income while off work for sickness and/or a non-work related accident disability

Genworth Financial Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care includes a wide range of supportive, medical, personal and social services for people who need assistance for an extended period of time. It provides help with usual activities of daily living such as dressing and walking, often called custodial care. Needs may arise at any time due to an injury or illness or the affects of the natural aging process. Services can be provided in the form of home care, assisted living facilities, adult day care or nursing facilities. For more information, visit the Genworth Financial website or call (888) 436-9678.

Supplemental Retirement Accounts – 403(b) or 457 Accounts

The university provides employees the opportunity to supplement their retirement income through pre-taxed supplemental retirement accounts. Deposits can be payroll deducted and placed into a special savings account that can be accessed at the time of retirement. Employees may elect to have up to 100% of their income (up to IRS cap) deducted and placed into a 403(b) or a 457 account. If interested in participating in a supplemental retirement account, please contact a member of the Benefits team at (540) 568-3970. The employee is responsible for ensuring that his/her contributions are in compliance with IRS regulations concerning tax-deferred contributions. Visit the HR website for a list of participating companies.

Supplemental Retirement Accounts – Roth IRA

Employees may invest in a tax-advantaged Roth IRA retirement account. Employee-only contributions are made with after-tax dollars and are tax-free at the time of withdrawal. Employees investing in Roth IRAs are responsible for ensuring that their contributions are in compliance with IRS regulations. Visit HR’s Roth IRA website for a list of participating companies and detailed information.

On-Campus Waiver of Tuition Program JMU Policy 1402; JMU Policy 1405

Non-degree seeking, non-student wage employees must work 1,000 hours before becoming eligible to take one course and/or one lab with tuition waived. Once granted a waiver, hours reset to zero and the employee must work another 1,000 hours for each tuition waiver thereafter.

Degree-seeking, non-student wage employees must work 2,000 hours before becoming eligible to take one course and/or one lab with tuition waived. Once granted a waiver, hours reset to zero and the employee must work another 1,000 hours for each tuition waiver thereafter.

Once non-student wage employees, whether degree or non-degree seeking, have worked continuously for two years and worked over 2,000 hours in those two years, they are then eligible for one course and one lab per semester regularly.

Review JMU Policy 1402 and JMU Policy 1405 for further information. Questions regarding waiver of tuition may be directed to Human Resources at (540) 568-3593 or benefits@jmu.edu.

Employee Wellness Program

CommonHealth is the employee wellness program for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

CommonHealth offers:

  • quarterly programs
  • on site health checks every two years
  • Preparing for Parenthood prenatal program (800) 828-5891
  • Quit for Life tobacco cessation program (866) 784-8454
  • Weight Watchers reimbursement for half the cost of services, after completion of program requirements
  • fitness center discounts
  • The Compass online quarterly newsletter

Please note that eligibility for some programs is dependent upon enrollment in the state health benefits plan.  For more information visit www.commonhealth.virginia.gov

JMU’s agency coordinator is Veronica Jones, (540) 568-3407 or jonesvw@jmu.edu.

University Recreation Center (UREC) 

JMU has excellent recreational facilities that are available for use by university employees and family members. UREC aims to promote and advance healthy lifestyles through educational programs, participation opportunities and support services.

The main UREC facility is a multi-level fitness and wellness center with over 140,000 square feet of activity space. Building highlights include a climbing wall, racquetball courts, basketball/ volleyball courts, indoor track, cardio theatre, indoor pool/sauna/spa area, locker rooms, massage studio, outdoor courtyard with sand volleyball, outdoor turf fields and group fitness /multipurpose studios. UREC also houses an equipment center where sports and camping/outdoor equipment can be checked out or rented. Personal training, fitness/nutrition analysis and massage services are also available for a fee.

University Park, accessed by Devon Lane, includes opportunities for drop-in recreation, structured intramural sports and sport club programs, as well as a team and leadership development program. Facilities include an open event lawn, tennis, sand volleyball and basketball courts, sports turf, and pavilion.

Facilities include an indoor pool, rock climbing wall, fitness rooms, racquetball courts and an indoor track. Contact University Recreation for facility access information, hours of operation and program information at (540) 568-8737, or visit the UREC website.

Bus Service

Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation (HDPT) provides transportation service within the City of Harrisonburg and on the JMU campus for university employees, free of charge. For bus routes and schedules contact Off Campus Life at (540) 568-6071, visit www.hdpt.com, or call (540) 432-0492. For route planning visit the Bus Finder. For real-time arrival predictions visit NextBus.

Campus Dining

All dining facilities are open to students, faculty and staff as well as the general public. They include all-you-care-to-eat style dining, food courts, coffee bars, smoothie bars, convenience stores and a full service restaurant. Most locations accept cash, FLEX and credit cards. Dining locations, map and menus can be found at the Dining with JMU website

Mail Services 

A fully functional post office serving the entire JMU community is located on the second floor of Warren Hall which offers a wide variety of mailing supplies, USPS and UPS shipping services, fax and copy services, on-demand delivery and more. There are several JMU Mail Services drop boxes located throughout the university. Mail Services is able to assist with any size job from design to delivery. We are here for all your mailing needs. Any outgoing mail received after 4:00 p.m. will be postmarked the following business day. All outgoing UPS packages are picked up Monday through Friday at 3:00 p.m. Cash, flex and personal checks are accepted. Along with additional information, you can find a complete list of Mail Stop Codes (MSC) on our website. Call (540) 568-6257 for further assistance.

JMU Bookstore 

The JMU Bookstore is your full-service bookstore. From textbooks to computers, from t-shirts to coffee mugs, the JMU Bookstore has everything you need to succeed. Faculty and staff are eligible for 15% discount on their purchases (computer products excluded). Best Sellers are always 30% off. Don't see a book you need? We'll order it. Shop us 24/7 at the online JMU Bookstore. We are located in the Godwin parking lot.

Computer Purchase Program

JMU's Computer Purchase Program offers complete selections of computer hardware and software to compliment your academic, professional and personal needs. The purpose of this website is to provide JMU faculty, staff and students interested in purchasing computer products sufficient information to make the correct buying decision. We have a dedicated staff ready to answer your questions. Employees may obtain additional computer products information by contacting the JMU Bookstore at (540) 568-3989, or email jmu_computers@jmu.edu.

Computing Workshops 

Information Technology offers a variety of computing workshops for administrative and professional faculty, classified and wage employees.  These hands-on workshops on JMU supported software are offered in the IT Training Center (JMAC4). You can find a comprehensive listing by visiting the IT Training Course Description website. Sign up for these workshops through MyMadison

Training and Development JMU Policy 1403 

James Madison University is committed to providing professional development opportunities for all JMU community members. In support of JMU defining characteristic five under infrastructure – The university will invest in the professional development of its people – the JMU Training and Development Department offers personal and professional development opportunities for administrative and professional (AP) faculty, classified staff and wage employees.

JMU Training and Development focuses on learning areas which help each of us reach our own potential as well as work effectively with others. Training and Development offers a wide variety of professional development opportunities which are provided free of charge to JMU AP faculty, classified staff and wage employees.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to pursue professional development utilizing internal and external resources. Please let the JMU Training and Development staff know how we can assist you in your personal, professional and departmental development needs.

Specializing in:

  • Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Diversity
  • Leadership
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Team Building

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