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Electronic Communications

Information technology is an essential element of academic life, enabling study, research and personal communication. As a means to excellence in achieving its education, research and service missions, the university provides and supports computing and electronic communication services for all its students, faculty and staff. The university considers email an official means of communication for employees, and all employees are expected to check their university email on a frequent and consistent basis. Members of the JMU community should use the University’s electronic messaging resources and are expected to do so in a manner consistent with the University’s mission and in compliance with Electronic Messaging JMU Policy 1209.

To access email and other services, use your JMU electronic ID (e-ID). Your e-ID is automatically created when you begin employment. It is imperative that you keep your e-ID password private and not share it with anyone. JMU will never ask for your password via email. Employees should read and comply with the Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources JMU Policy 1207.

For information on activating your e-ID and accessing email and other technology services, please visit the “New to the University?” section of the Computing website.

Additional information can be found within the following university policies:

1201 Information Technology Resource Management
1202 System Implementation and Project Management
1204 Information Security
1205 University Data Stewardship
1206 Contingency Management Information-based Systems
1207 Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources
1209 Electronic Messaging

Use of University Owned Telephones & Services JMU Policy 1505

Land Line Phones: Personal local calls during business hours are to be kept to a minimum. Personal
long-distance calls are discouraged but can be made under extenuating circumstances, in which case the caller is required to reimburse the university for the cost of the call. Employees making personal, non-emergency phone calls are to use a personal credit card or bill the call to their home telephone.

Cell Phones: The university will only provide cell phones for shared departmental use. Personal calls from or to a university cell phone are highly discouraged and should only occur for emergency situations. The employee responsible for such personal calls must reimburse the university as mandated by IRS regulations.

When the university mission requires an individual employee to be the exclusive user of a cell phone, that employee will be required to obtain the phone and service personally. The employee may be given a stipend to assist with the expense. Specific cell phone procedures are located on the Telecommunications website.

When an employee is required by the university to have internet access from home for work related duties, the employee will be responsible for obtaining the data service personally. The employee will be given a stipend to assist with the expense.

All university provided cell phones and telecommunications stipends must be approved by the appropriate senior vice president prior to phone purchase and service contract implementation.

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