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Position Descriptions (Classified and Administrative and Professional Faculty Only)

Important JobLink Reminders

  • Please note that the information you enter in JobLink will NOT be saved until you click "Preview Posting" select "Save w/o submit" and then click the “Confirm” button to save your changes.
  • The JobLink site will time out after approximately 45 minutes if there is no activity.

Creating a JobLink Account and/or Logging in to JobLink

  • Go to https://joblink.jmu.edu/hr/shibboleth
    • If you have an account, log in using your JMU e-ID and password.
    • If you do not have an account, select the “Create User Account” link on the left side of the screen.
    • Complete the request form and select the Continue button .
    • Select the Confirm button.
    • Accounts are normally approved by the next business day.

Creating a Posting from State Role Title

  • Select the “From State Role Title” link under Create Posting on the left side of the screen (For directions on how to create a job posting from a previous posting in JobLink, please skip to the next section titled “Creating a Posting from a Previous Posting.”).
  • Using the State Role Title drop down box, select the appropriate State Role Title for your position.
    • Classified and Wage postings should select the specific State Role Title the specific title based on the classification of that position. If you are unsure about which State Role Title to select please contact your HR Consultant. 
    • Instructional Faculty postings should select “Instructional Faculty – Full Time” or “Instructional Faculty – Part Time.”
    • Administrative and Professional Faculty postings should select the “Administrative and Professional Faculty.”
    • Graduate Assistant postings should select “Graduate Assistant.”
    • Student Postings should select “Institutional Employment” or “Federal Work Study.”
  • Select the Search button.
  • In the Role Code column select the “Create” link.
  • You will automatically be taken to the Posting Details tab.

Creating A Posting from a Previous Posting

  • Select the “From Previous” link under Create Posting on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the “Create” link under the Working Title of the posting you would like to post.
  • You will automatically be taken to the Posting Details tab.
  • Review the information in all of the tabs and edit the information as needed. For example, changes in the salary, duties, qualifications, posting dates, start date, etc.

*Note: You will not be able to edit some pieces of information due to the defaults set by the system. Please contact your Recruitment Specialist to make these changes.

  • Once you have updated the posting please see the instructions below under “View Posting Summary” for information about submitting the posting.

Posting Details Tab

Some of the fields will be automatically populated based on the State Role Title you selected.

  • Complete the following fields:
    • Working Title
    • Position Number (If unknown, leave this field blank)
    • Position Type
    • College/Division
    • Academic Affairs Approval (For Academic Affairs positions only. If the position is not within Academic Affairs leave the response as Not Applicable)
    • Position Status
    • Pay Rate
    • Specify range or amount (If applicable)
    • Is this a JMU Only position? (If yes, only current employees of James Madison University are eligible to apply)
    • Is this a Grant Funded position?
    • Org Name
    • Departmental users with permission to access posting information
      • Move the name(s) of any individual(s) who need to have access to edit the posting information.
      • If an individual does not have a JobLink account their name will not be listed. They will either need to create a JobLink account or log in as a Guest User. For more information about Guest Users please see the “Guest User” section below.
      • Remember to also move your own name over as someone who has permission to view the posting.
      • Search Committee Chair
      • Supervisor (The person who will be supervising the position)
      • Reviewer (The supervisor’s supervisor)
      • Graduate School Coordinator (Graduate Assistant postings only)
      • General Information
      • Duties and Responsibilities
      • Qualifications
      • Name of Employee being replaced (This information is for HR purposes only. This information will not be visible to the public.)
      • Posting Date
      • Review Date
      • Closing Date or check the Open Until Filled box
        • For Classified and Wage postings you may begin reviewing applications and or close the posting after 7 calendar days.
        • For Faculty postings you may begin reviewing applications and or close the posting after 30 calendar days.
        • Application Type Accepted
        • Special Instructions To Applicants (optional)
        • Required Documents
          • Only mark those documents that you are requiring in electronic format.
          • Optional Documents
          • Proposed Starting Date (optional)
          • Select the “Continue To Next Page” button.

Reference Letters Tab

  • If you would like to receive reference letters from the candidate’s references please indicate that the posting is accepting reference letters.
  • If you are accepting reference letters select how many letters will be required.
  • The remaining three fields are prefilled with instructions for the applicant and their reference.
  • Select the “Continue To Next Page” button.

Advertising Tab (For Faculty and Staff Only)

  • Some of the most commonly used advertising sources are listed on this page. If you would like to place an ad with one of these sources please indicate the type of ad you would like to place and the date(s) for the ad to be placed.
  • If you would like to place an ad somewhere that is not listed please indicate the name of the publication/website using the “Other Ad” fields.
  • If a posting is submitted in JobLink by noon on Wednesday we will make every effort to have newspaper ads placed in the upcoming Saturday or Sunday issue.
  • List any special advertising instructions in the available box. For example if the advertising should be charged to an org other than the one listed on the Posting Details tab please indicate that here.
  • If you already created a specific ad that you would like us to use please provide the ad text in the “Job Announcement” field.
  • If you do not have an ad already created your Recruitment Specialist will develop an ad based on the information in the posting.
  • The ad layout and costs will be sent to the department for final approval before any ads are placed.
  • Select the “Continue To Next Page” button.

Posting Specific Questions Tab

  • The questions “How did you learn about this position?” and “If you answered ‘Other’ please describe.” are required for all postings.
  • If you would like to select any additional questions to ask select the “Add A Question” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Select the “Search” button.
  • Select the “View/Add” link next to the question you would like to include.
  • Select the “Add This Question” button.
  • If you would like to ask a question that is not listed please contact your Recruitment Specialist.
  • Select the “Continue To Next Page” button.

Points Tab

  • This page is not used for postings at JMU, please select the “Continue To Next Page” button.

Guest User Tab

  • Guest User accounts may be used by search committee members that do not have a JobLink account or those that do not have access to the org this position is assigned to.
  • Guest users have a “read only” access to view submitted materials for candidates.
  • Select the “Activate Guest User” link if you would like to set up a guest user account.
  • A User Name will automatically populate and you will be asked to enter a Password. This user name and password may be shared with those search committee members that need access to the candidate materials.
  • Select the “Continue To Next Page” button.

Screening Criteria Information Tab

  • The information on this tab is optional.
  • Please note that applicants will not be able to view the information you enter on this page.
  • If the department would like to enter their screening criteria and interview questions they may do so here.
  • Select the “Continue To Next Page” button.

View Posting Summary

  • Select the appropriate designation using the radio buttons:
    • Save w/o submit
    • Submit to Student Employment for Approval
    • Submit to Graduate School
    • Submit to HR/OEO for Approval
  • Select the “Continue” button.
    • Select the “Confirm” button.
    • Once a faculty or staff posting is received by Human Resources your Recruitment Specialist will review the postings and contact the department if any additional information is needed.
    • After the Recruitment Specialist has completed their review of the posting the announcement will be posted to the JobLink site.
    • Every effort is made to post the posting on the day you requested, if that is not possible your Recruitment Specialist will notify you.

Closing a Posting

  • When you feel you have an adequate applicant pool to choose from you should close your posting. Classified postings must remain open for 7 calendar days and Faculty postings must remain open for 30 days (There is no minimum posting requirement for Student postings).
  • Once the minimum posting requirements have been met you can close your posting. It is a good idea to close the posting once you start to interview applicants.
  • Postings may remain open during the interview and selection process but please be aware that you must consider anyone who applies, not just those individuals who had applied when you started reviewing applicants or interviewing candidates. By closing a posting, no other applicants will be able to apply.
  • To close a posting login to JobLink and select the “Close” link in the Posting Status column on the right side of the screen.
  • Postings can always be reopened if a pool of candidates does not meet the requirements of a position. Contact your Recruitment Specialist to reopen a posting.

Changing a Posting Status to Filled, Cancelled or Unsuccessful.

  • Before you can update a posting to “Filled” you must change the status of each applicant. This can only be done by the person who created the posting or anyone designated as a Departmental User for that posting.
  • Log in to JobLink and select the “View” link in the Working Title column and you will be directed to the Applicants tab.
  • In the Status column, select the “Change Status” link .
  • In the Status and Selection Reason columns use the drop down boxes to select the appropriate designation.
  • Select the “Continue To Confirm Page” and then select “Save Status Changes.”
  • If you have multiple applicants who need to be changed to the same status you are able to update multiple applicants at one time.
    • Select the “All” link in the All/None column.
    • Uncheck the boxes for those applicants you do not wish to change.
    • Select the “Change Multiple Applicant Statuses” button under the last name on the page.
    • Using the “Change For All Applicants” drop down boxes at the top of the page change the status and selection reason for the applicants you have selected.
  • Select the “Continue To Confirm Page” and then select “Save Status Changes.”
  • Once you have changed the statuses for all applicants and only the person(s) you are hiring (if applicable) is listed on the page, click the “View Posting Summary” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Select one of the following statuses:
    • Filled – Send Email
    • Move to Unsuccessful
    • Cancel
      • JobLink will automatically generate an email to all candidates not interviewed notifying them that they were not selected for the position or that the posting is not being filled at this time.
  • Select the Continue button.
  • Select the Confirm button.


You have completed the JobLink hiring process!

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