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November HR Update

Timely Benefits Reminders

  • Free flu shots are available to state health plan participants at participating providers’ offices and pharmacies. A list of participating pharmacies, along with program details, is available at http://www.dhrm.virginia.gov/hbenefits/cova/flushots.html. As a helpful reminder, call ahead to make sure the flu vaccine is still available.
  • Classified employees should review their current vacation balance with their supervisor and plan to use hours that will exceed their maximum carry-over limit. Excess vacation hours must be used before January 10, 2012.
  • The 2011 Personal Day must be used by January 9, 2012 and taken in its full eight-hour increment.
  • Detailed information about unscheduled campus closings is found in JMU Policy 1309 University Closings, Class Cancellations and Exam Postponements due to Inclement Weather or Emergencies.
  • The campus closes at noon on Wednesday November 23 for Thanksgiving break. Eligible employees who work on holidays will earn compensatory leave in accordance with leave policies stated in the Classified Employee Handbook.
  • In accordance with Department of Human Resource Management Policy 4.25, classified employees must either work on, or be on paid leave, the workday before and the workday after the holiday in order to be paid for JMU holidays. Taking unpaid leave the day before or the day after a holiday will result in unpaid holiday time. Contact Dianna Jarrell, HR’s Absence Programs Coordinator, at 8-3974 or jarreldl with questions regarding this policy.
  • When an employee misses more than three consecutive days of work because of illness or injury, the supervisor should contact one of the following HR benefits team members to ensure the employee receives the benefits which may be available to them, such as Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), sick leave or the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP).

Dianna Jarrell

Absence Programs Coordinator



Diane Ricketson

Disability Benefits Coordinator



Becky Sanford

Workers’ Compensation Coordinator



Test Your SEARCH COMMITTEE Knowledge

This is the first in a series of questions related to best hiring practices. Even though today’s applicant pools are robust, this doesn’t make finding the best person to fill your position any easier.  

Question: Which of the following is not an acceptable reason for ruling out a candidate during the screening process?

  1. The candidate used poor grammar and/or spelling on application. 
  2. The candidate is overqualified.
  3. The candidate does not meet the minimum requirements for the position.

2 is the correct answer.

Candidates should not be ruled out for being overqualified. As long as a candidate meets the qualifications listed in the posting you should consider them along with the other candidates.  Your Recruitment Specialist is available to assist you with questions regarding the screening process.  

Five Critical Tasks for Team Leaders

Excerpts from Congratulations! You're the Supervisor, Now What?

  1. Provide resources for the team such as supplies, budget and space.
  2. Contribute to the work of the team as a team member, without dominating or over-influencing.
  3. Keep the team focused and on track.
  4. Make sure team members are clear about decisions, action items and commitments.
  5. Foster input from all team members.

JMU Job Shadow Day 2011

Thank you to the numerous volunteers, participating departments and ARAMARK for making JMU Job Shadow Day a memorable and enlightening experience for 150 area eighth graders.

JMU’s Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign

Employees have pledged 77% towards this year’s goal of $40,000! There is still plenty of time to consider giving. Your generosity makes a difference in our community.


A Snapshot of Upcoming Training Sessions Offered by the JMU Training and Development Department

Retirement 101: Understanding Your VRS Retirement

Sexual Assault Prevention

Mentoring Basics

Harnessing Your Resiliency: Thriving Under Pressure

For additional information or to arrange customized sessions for your department, contact Suzanne Vance, Training Coordinator, at 8-4101 or vancesn.