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May HR Update

Please take a moment to read through the information below for important HR news and information. As always, you may contact your HR Service Center Representative with questions. You may also contact your Employee Ombudsperson, Cathy Thomas, at 83967 or thomasce@jmu.edu.

Administrative & Professional Faculty Annual Performance Evaluation Time

Performance Evaluations are to be conducted between June 1 and August 31.

1. Send the updated Job Description to HR when updates are made to the position's job duties.

2. Review progress towards Objectives for the performance cycle and develop goals for the upcoming performance cycle, July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011.

3. Performance Evaluations are retained in the employee’s file in the department. These are not sent to or reviewed by HR. Multiple sources of feedback can, and should be, incorporated into the evaluation. Elicit feedback from customers, peers and the self-evaluation. Subordinates should be given an opportunity to provide feedback on their supervisors.

Forms, additional links and information:

A&P Faculty Job Description and Performance Evaluation 

JMU policy 1307 Performance Evaluation of Administrative & Professional Faculty

Performance Management Information Sessions for Supervisors of Administrative & Professional Faculty will be offered by HR on July 15, August 12 or August 19.

PAR Review Process Update

One vital step in the PAR process is the review by HR representatives before the forms are sent to Payroll. Responsibility for reviewing PAR's is now divided between Michelle Chase and Brenda Vanarsdale. Amber Lam, who previously reviewed PAR's, remains in HR with other job responsibilities. The division of PAR's is based on the first letter of the last name of the employee listed on the PAR form.

PAR's with employee last names beginning with A – M: 
Michelle Chase, 83825, chasepm@jmu.edu

PAR's with employee last names beginning with N – Z:
Brenda Vanarsdale, 82808, vanarsbl@jmu.edu

New PAR Feature

Look for the new RTA (Revolving Term Appointment) addition to the drop-down Contract Term options on the PAR.

Screen shot of PAR form section

Reminder about Nepotism and Employment of Family Members

With the opportunity to hire part-time, summer employees, this is a great time to review Policy 1301 Nepotism and Employment of Family Members. JMU prohibits an individual from being employed in any position in which he/she will function as the immediate supervisor or reviewer of a member of his/her family. In addition, an individual may not be employed in any position in which he/she will function as the immediate subordinate or in a subordinate-reviewer relationship with a member of his/her family.

When there is not a supervisor-subordinate relationship between the immediate supervisor and subordinate (including the reviewer and subordinate relationship), employment of a family member may be allowed with the appropriate approval. When an applicant has a family member already employed by the university in the same college or assistant or associate vice president’s area, the applicant may only be offered a position with the explicit prior written approval from the appropriate division head, associate or assistant vice president, or dean on the Nepotism Review Form.

An applicant who identifies a family member currently employed by the university in another division, college or assistant or associate vice president’s area, may be extended an offer without prior written approval.

JMU’s Disability Benefits Coordinator

Diane Ricketson, a member of the HR Benefits team, assists employees with the VA Sickness & Disability Program (VSDP), Americans with Disability Act (ADAAA), as well as general benefits questions and concerns.

Please call or email Diane to make an appointment when you:

  • may be out due to an illness, injury, surgery or maternity.
  • have questions regarding ADA accommodations.
  • have questions concerning your benefits.

Diane can be reached at 85533 and ricketdl@jmu.edu. Her office is located in the University Services Building, room 204 D.

Upcoming Training Opportunities During May and June

Promoting Positivity

During these uncertain economic times, a positive approach is one way to reduce workplace stress and improve employee morale.

Supervising stressed and stretched employees? Consider offering employees…

  • A kind word
  • A thoughtful evaluation of their work
  • Consistent, honest feedback
  • Affirmation for a job well-done, either publicly or privately
  • Clear, concise instructions, guidelines or procedures
  • Empathy and encouragement