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June HR Update

Classified Employee Performance Evaluations

Did you know annual performance evaluations for non-probationary classified employees may be completed and submitted to Human Resources anytime beginning July 1 through September 30, 2013? Ratings are contingent on continued performance for the duration of the performance cycle which officially ends October 24.

To ensure thorough and thoughtful evaluation of employee performance, this is an ideal time for:

  • employees and supervisors to receive and provide open and honest feedback on the past year’s performance;
  • employees to communicate their perspectives on performance through self-evaluation;
  • employees to review/create their Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP); and
  • supervisors to make any necessary adjustments to position descriptions through PositionLink.

An Acknowledgement of Extraordinary Contribution or a Notice of Improvement Needed must be attached to the Annual Performance Evaluation to support an overall rating of Extraordinary or Below Contributor.

Refer to Performance Evaluation Process on HR’s website for links to applicable forms, policies and process details.

Training opportunities for employees and supervisors:
Individual Professional Development Plan Workshop

Training opportunities for supervisors: 
Performance Management Information Sessions for Supervisors of Classified Employees

Your Employee Relations Representative is available to assist you with questions about A&P faculty and classified employee performance evaluations.

Health Insurance Changes Effective July 1

May's open enrollment period presented many changes to the current COVA Care Plan and introduced a new plan, COVA HealthAware. All enrolled employees will receive new health insurance cards prior to July 1.

For those employees or enrolled spouses who completed the health assessment, please watch for additional information beginning July 1 regarding completion of the biometric screenings in order to continue the premium rewards through the end of the fiscal year.

Please note the following changes for each plan:

Effective July 1, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield will be the plan administrator for the medical, vision, hearing, as well as the mental health, and prescription drug program. This is a change from current providers of ValueOptions and Medco (ExpressScripts). Please visit www.anthem.com for a listing of mental health participating providers and information on drug coverage. Delta Dental will remain the dental provider for this plan.

COVA HealthAware
Effective July 1, Aetna will be the plan administrator for this new health care coverage. Please visit www.covahealthaware.com for a list of participating providers.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Administration of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Flexible Spending Accounts will move from WageWorks to Anthem effective July 1. Prior to July 1, employees who have enrolled in the medical flexible spending account will receive a new Elite Visa Benefit card a Welcome Kit from Anthem.

Beginning July 1, using the special ID number provided in your Anthem Welcome Kit, you may log into www.benefitadminsolutions.com/anthem. Once you have set up your unique login information, you can:

  • check your account balance;
  • keep up with card purchases;
  • enroll in Real-time Alerts-messages using the special ID;
  • submit online reimbursement requests; and
  • find helpful resources and plan details.

Are Your Leave Records Up-to-Date?

It is important for all classifed employees to enter leave requests for time taken, and planned time off, from January 10 - June 30, no later than June 30. This will ensure that the university's records are accurate for the state leave liability report.

As a reminder, for those employees working the modified summer schedule, please subtract the one-hour recognition leave granted on Monday, May 27 to satisfy the difference between the eight-hour holiday and the nine-hour work schedule.

If you have any questions concerning leave, feel free to contact Dianna Banks (formerly Jarrell), Absence Programs Coordinator, (540) 568-3974, banks2dl@jmu.edu.

New Form for Requesting Data from the HRMS System

HR’s Business Process Team is pleased to announce the newly created Query Request form. The form offers employees an easy way to request data from the HRMS system. Any member of the university community may use the secure Query Request form by authenticating with his or her electronic ID (e-ID) and password.

Faculty Contracts

The Administrative & Professional faculty contract was recently revised. Please visit HR’s website for the most current contract templates.

Affordable Care Act Influences Wage Policy

The Commonwealth of Virginia has adopted a provision in the 2013 Appropriation Act that limits all state wage employees to working, on average, no more than 29 hours per week, over the course of 12 months (52 weeks) and a maximum of 1500-hours.

Visit HR’s website for the list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the 29 hour per week average and the maximum 1500-hour limit for wage employees.

Salary Increases Announced

The 2013 General Assembly has authorized base salary increases for classified staff, faculty, and wage employees of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

In addition to the state increases, JMU, in a desire to do more for employees, will provide additional resources to augment the Commonwealth’s increase. Employees will have base salary increases as follows:

Classified Employees will receive a 2% base salary increase effective July 25, 2013. To qualify, classified employees must 1) be employed full-time on April 24, 2013, 2) remain employed full-time through July 25, 2013, and 3) they must have a rating of “Contributor” or “Extraordinary Contributor” on their most recent performance evaluation. In addition to the percentage increase, classified employees will also receive a compression increase of $65 per year of service (up to 30 years) provided they have completed at least five years of continuous, full-time service as of July 25, 2013. Partial years of service are rounded down. The increase is effective July 25 (August 16 pay advice) for 12-month employees and upon return to active working status for less-than 12-month employees.

Administrative & Professional faculty will receive a 4% base salary increase if employed full-time on April 24, 2013 and remain employed full-time through July 25, 2013. Additionally, A&P faculty will also receive a compression increase of $50 per year of service (up to 30 years not to exceed an overall increase of 5.5%) provided they have completed at least five years of continuous full-time service as of July 25, 2013. Partial years of service are rounded down. The increase is effective July 25 (August 16 pay advice) for 12-month employees and upon return to active working status for less-than 12-month employees.

Wage employees will receive a 2% increase to their hourly rate provided that they were actively employed and working as of April 16, 2013 and remain in an active working status on August 1. The increase is effective August 1 (August 30 pay advice).

Instructional Faculty will receive a 5.5% base salary increase if employed full-time on April 24, 2013 and remain employed full-time through July 25, 2013. The increase is effective July 25 (August 16 pay advice) for 12-month faculty and August 25 (September 16 pay advice) for 10-month faculty.

See 2013 Base Salary Increases FAQ’s for additional information. Please feel free to contact Human Resources, (540) 568-6165, with any questions you may have.

Administrative & Professional Faculty Performance Evaluations

Annual performance evaluations for A&P faculty are conducted between June 1 and August 31. Detailed evaluation process information, applicable forms and policies can be found at http://www.jmu.edu/humanresources/hrsc/ap.shtml.

Supervisors should complete sections 2 and 3 of the A&P Faculty Job Description and Performance Evaluation form between June 1 and August 31 of each year and retain in the employee’s departmental file. JMU policy 1307 Performance Evaluation of Administrative & Professional Faculty  addresses A&P faculty performance evaluation requirements.

Promoting Positivity and Substance Abuse Prevention

Picture a substance abuse prevention toolbox available to JMU students. Two of the tools in that toolbox are non-judgmental, early-intervention programs designed to help students evaluate the risks that may result from alcohol (BASICS) and marijuana (High Expectations) use.

  • Bookmark jmu.edu/toolbox.
  • Contact the University Health Center’s Substance Abuse Prevention (SAP) office at healthctr@jmu.edu or 540-568-3317 for more information.
  • Look for continued communications highlighting additional substance abuse prevention tools and resources that are in the SAP Toolbox.

A Snapshot of Upcoming Training Sessions Offered by
JMU Training and Development

Clear as Mud
Getting Naked
Individual Professional Development Plan Workshop
Information Session: Lessons from Penn State
Performance Management Info Session for Supervisors of Classified Employees
Portrait of Personal and Overdone Strengths
We’re on the Same Team, Remember?

For additional information or to arrange customized sessions for your department, please contact Suzanne Vance, Training Coordinator, vancesn@jmu.edu, (540) 568-4101.