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Mediation Offers an Opportunity for Change
Conflict is often viewed as something to avoid. Feelings of inadequacy, anger, or even fear can be present when conflict arises; so much so, that avoiding the situation all together may seem like the most desirable option.

To effectively deal with conflict, an appropriate course of action must be taken to produce the change that leads to a positive work experience. Mediation can help guide the process. The HR Service Center offers a mediation program to assist employees from all across campus with resolving conflict.

About Mediation
Through mediation, a process that is designed to encourage open conversation between the parties, participants are able to have honest dialogue. Issues are addressed and solutions are reached at the base level, instead of moving up the chain of command. The process includes a time for each individual to state his or her issues in an informal and non-adversarial way. The goal is to find common ground and then reach an agreement or solution to the problem.

Mediation Sessions
Mediation sessions are generally free of charge and available for both individuals and groups. Common issues include:

  • Work style differences
  • Supervisory style differences
  • Issues surrounding a grievance
  • Conflict affecting a working relationship between co-workers that cannot be resolved on their own, or with a supervisor

Contact JMU's Employee Mediation Services Coordinator, who will then contact you for a confidential assessment of your issue and its’ appropriateness for mediation.

Who are the Mediators?
Our mediators are JMU faculty and staff who have been nominated, selected and trained to serve as mediators. Their role is to assist fellow employees in arriving at their own solutions.

Issues discussed in the mediation session are confidential. The agreement written by the parties is not confidential; however, it will not be discussed or published except on a need-to-know basis.

Contact Information
Cathy Thomas, Employee Mediation Services Coordinator
540 568-3967
Fax 540 568-7916
HR Service Center 540 568-6165

James Madison University
Wine Price Building, Room 2038
MSC 7009
752 Ott Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

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