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2012 Employee Service Awards

View a list of all employees honored during the 2012 Employee Service Awards in the Festival Conference and Student Center Grand Ballroom on Thursday, October 18.

Outstanding Service and Dedication

In appreciation for our employees who have been a part of the JMU community for many years, thank you for your continued contributions and loyalty.

“Why Madison?” sentiments offered by some of JMU’s remarkable employees:

Diana DavisDiana Davis - 30 years of service
Accounts Payable


“In 1981, JMU was 'the place to work' because of the benefits and stability. Today, a very fast 31 years later, for me, it is a place where I feel I am working more with family and friends, than co-workers and that I am appreciated for my knowledge, experience, and contributions. It still is 'the place to work'.”  

Daniel King
Daniel King - 30 years of service
Facilities Management



"Madison provides me with a way of supporting my family."

Mary K. LandisMary K. Landis - 30 years of service
Dining Services


“I love meeting new people and new students. I feel that my friends and family are all here. I also love JMU football and basketball. I bake for both sports and have myDukes on my license plates with a football helmet on my car antenna. I bleed purple and gold – love the JMU Nation!””  

Claudette Lee
Claudette Lee - 30 years of service
Libraries and Educational Technologies




“It’s a great place to be, work, and learn. I enjoy being a part of JMU as it grows and changes.”



William Baker
William Baker - 35 years of service
Facilities Management


“JMU has been good for me, providing work for so many years. I have worked with a lot of great people here and have learned a lot from them. I have really enjoyed my years here and it has been a great place for me to work.” 

Robert Jenkins
Robert Jenkins - 35 years of service
Facilities Management



“JMU offers a great benefit package.”

Wanda Layman
Wanda Layman - 35 years of service
Human Resources

“For me it has been the relationships I have built during my time at JMU. I have been provided with many opportunities at JMU and the best has been serving the hundreds of employees I have met over the years and knowing that in some way I have made a difference in their lives.”

Dennis Armentrout
Dennis Armentrout - 40 years of service
Facilities Management
"My father was a teacher at a community college. He encouraged me to join the Virginia state work force. Jobs were scarce; I had a wife and daughter to support. I applied at Madison College (then) in 1972. Most businesses were not offering health insurance or any benefits; that was a big attraction. I have learned most of my trades here and the chance to advance to other areas. I know JMU is an academic university, but in its own way it was a good vocation school for me personally. I have seen 40 years of graduate classes. I am truly happy to be a part of James Madison University's growth over the years. It has offered me and my family a good life. That’s why it’s MY MADISON.”
Rebecca Hinkle - 40 years of service
Card Services

“For over 40 years I have felt the love of the Madison Community. I wanted to make a difference in our student’s/staff’s lives while at JMU and hope that in some small way their experiences were better because I cared. Madison has been my home, away from home and I embraced the challenges each new year brings. I will always cherish the personal and professional relationships made over the years and will never forget how each of these folks affected my life. I never want to grow up and leave JMU. I am so fortunate that I chose 'to seek my magic' here, and I was allowed to become the best that I can be.”

Juanita Swartz
Juanita Swartz - 45 years of service
Education Programs

 “When I applied for a clerical position at Madison College, I had no idea that it would lead to a life-time career at the 'best university in Virginia' or anywhere! There are so many things that I love about James Madison University but first and foremost are the wonderful people – students and staff that I have had the good fortune to know – and friendships that will last a lifetime.  It’s been an exciting and rewarding 'adventure' working (and playing) on this beautiful campus. GO DUKES!!!"

Not Pictured:

Joyce Shifflett - 30 years of service

Ricky Dean - 35 years of service
     Facilities Management