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Checklist for Hiring New Employees

I have hired a new employee. Now what?

  • Department submits Onboard form (for ALL new hires and rehires). Details regarding the onboard session can be found by visiting Onboard@JMU.   
  • Department completes PAR.
  • Department completes PAW (only classified or wage hires).
  • International hires meet with Delo Blough in International Programs and Sherry Willis in Payroll Services.
  • Academic Affairs completes employment contracts for their faculty new hires.

What will be completed in Human Resources for my new hire?

  • Onboard Specialist conducts onboard session with new employee.
  • Assistant to HR Director completes A&P faculty contracts for all divisions except Athletics.
  • Human Resources sends welcome letter and orientation checklist for departments to supervisors (classified new hires and transfers only).
  • Classified employees will be scheduled for Phase One Orientation. Supervisors receive an email from HR with the employee's scheduled orientation date, time and place.
  • The benefits representative schedules one-on-one benefits sessions with all full-time, new hires when HR receives the PAR.

What else is needed?

  • Return signed welcome letter and orientation checklist for departments to HR for filing in employee's HR file (classified new hires and transfers only).
  • Employee to visit Card Services with identification (such as drivers license) to have their JACard made, on or after their hire date, once active in the JMU payroll system. (Tip: You will know the employee is active when his/her information appears in a "Find JMU People" search.)
  • Classified employees are required to attend Phase Two Orientation and will be enrolled after their onboard session.  Instructional faculty, A&P faculty and wage employees are also invited to attend Phase Two Orientation. Supervisors can enroll their employees in Phase Two Orientation by emailing the employee's name, email address and supervisor's name to jobs@jmu.edu or by calling the HR Service Center at 86165.
  • Instructional faculty new hires are invited by a letter from the provost to attend JMU's faculty orientation in August. The list of invitees is compiled by HR and the provost's office.
  • Order nametag and business cards, if appropriate for the position.  Please see the administrative assistant in your department for ordering details.
  • Visit Telecom's website for telephone installation information and voice mail instructions.
  • The JMU Computing HelpDesk can assist with requests regarding computing technology at JMU and configuring computers for individual employee use. All employees are required to attend a Computing @JMU session.
    • e-ID account -The employee's electronic ID will automatically be created with the entry of personnel and payroll data into JMU's system by Payroll Services, providing access to e-mail, MyMadison, e-campus, Blackboard, etc.
    • Network File Storage - Supervisors or department heads request access for Network File Storage for new employees, change existing access, or remove access for departing employees.
    • Outlook E-mail and Calendar - When an employee's e-ID is created they will automatically receive an account for e-mail and calendar through Microsoft Outlook . Employees should attend an Outlook E-mail and Calendar Basic training session.
    • JMU Applications - Supervisors or department heads may request access for employees for eVA, Facility Focus, Finance, Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), and/or Student Administration. Training may be required prior to granting the requested access.
    • PositionLink and/or JobLink access - Supervisors or department heads only may access PositionLink. Access to applicant information in JobLink may be granted with signature authority approval.
  • Visit Training & Development's website for mandatory and other training sessions for supervisors.


Contact the Human Resources at (540) 568-6165.