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Conflict Resolution Resources

Employee Mediation Services JMU Policy 1404

Issues affecting a working relationship can successfully be addressed through mediation. Any issues that a good open talk would help resolve is appropriate for mediation. During these facilitated conversations, participants find common ground and explore possible solutions to the problem(s). Visit JMU's Employee Mediation Services website to learn more about mediation and conflict resolution techniques.

Office of Employment Dispute Resolution (EDR)

The Office of Employment Dispute Resolution in Richmond, Virginia is another resource for employees concerning work-related problems and provides a number of resolution tools to address workplace conflicts constructively.

Grievance Procedure

Non-probationary, classified employees have access to the Grievance Procedure to address work-related complaints or disputes. This formal process is administered through the Office of Employment Dispute Resolution in Richmond, Virginia. When informal methods do not lead to a settlement of differences, the formal Grievance procedure may be the next step in conflict resolution.

Some examples of issues which may be grieved include:

  • disciplinary actions including dismissals, demotions, and suspensions
  • misapplication of personnel policies, procedures, rules, regulations, ordinances, and statutes
  • discrimination as a member of a protected class
  • retaliation for participating in the grievance process
  • retaliation for reporting a violation of law
  • arbitrary or capricious performance evaluations

Whenever possible, the university encourages employees to discuss concerns with their immediate supervisor, or in certain cases with upper management, to seek solutions to work-related problems. Employee Mediation Services are available to all employees. The Employee Ombudsperson assists employees with the process and provides forms for filing a grievance. For additional information on the Grievance Procedure visit EDR’s website or contact an EDR consultant at (888) 232-3842.

Non-probationary Campus Police Officers may seek an alternative process to EDR’s Grievance Procedure to address complaints within their department. Campus Police Officers may contact the Employee Ombudsperson for assistance with either process.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program is a confidential assessment, referral, and short term problem-solving service available to all employees and qualified members of their households through the employee's health plan.

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