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Health Insurance
The University provides all full-time faculty members with health insurance coverage at group rates. There are three plan offerings:

  • COVA Care, a PPO plan administered by Anthem BlueCross BlueShield,
  • COVA HDHP, a high deductible plan administered by Anthem BlueCross BlueShield; and
  • COVA HealthAware, a POS (consumer directed health) plan administered by Aetna.

Initial Enrollment requests are made within 30 days of when you begin employment with the State (including being rehired more than 30 days after termination from the State) or become newly eligible for State coverage. All initial enrollment elections are effective the first of the month following the date you become eligible to enroll. When that date is the first of the month, elections are effective that day. For more information visit DHRM's health benefits website.

Flexible Spending Accounts
Employees may participate in both medical and dependent care flexible spending accounts. A medical spending account allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for medical, dental, vision care or other eligible expenses not covered by your medical plan. A dependent care spending account allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible dependent care expenses.

Life Insurance
The university provides all full-time faculty members with group life insurance. The principal amount of life insurance is two times the annual salary rounded to the next highest thousand dollars for natural death, four times the annual salary rounded to the next highest thousand dollars for accidental death. Life insurance premiums are paid by the university.

Optional Life Insurance
The optional life insurance plan provides all full-time professional and administrative faculty members a way to supplement the basic group life insurance for themselves, a spouse and/or children. There are four options: one, two, three or four times your annual salary. Optional life insurance premiums are paid by the employee and based on the employee's age and annual salary for coverage for employee and child. Cost for spousal coverage is based on spouse's age and employee's annual salary. For more information visit the VRS website.

All full-time faculty members are eligible to participate in the Virginia Retirement System or the Optional Retirement Plan. The university supplements federal Social Security benefits with the retirement programs. Both the employee and employer contribute to the plan. New faculty members have 60 days from the date of their employment to select the program in which they want to participate. Coverage will become effective the first day of full-time employment. The income on retirement contributions is accumulated in the retirement fund. For more information visit Virginia Retirement System.

Liability Insurance
The commonwealth's self-insured liability plan covers all faculty members in their professional activities at no cost to the faculty member.

Workers' Compensation Insurance
Faculty members incapacitated by injury or illness as defined by the Workers' Compensation Act are entitled to benefits provided by the act. The Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission requires all job-related injuries and illnesses be reported immediately by the faculty member to the department head. The faculty member is required to be treated by one of the panel of physicians approved by the university, if medical services are needed.

Ten-month faculty members are expected to schedule vacation during periods when the university is not in session; i.e., semester breaks, spring break and summer months.

Faculty Absences
If a faculty member must be absent from a class for any reason, the faculty member and the academic department head are responsible for seeing the class receives instruction. For a prolonged absence, necessitating the employment of a substitute, action must be taken through the appropriate dean and the vice president for academic affairs. Sick leave is provided by a system of peer coverage directed by the academic department head.

Family and Medical Leave
The university allows eligible employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid family or medical leave due to the birth of a child; placement of a child with the employee for adoption or foster care; the employee is needed to care for a family member (child, spouse or parent) with a serious health condition, or the employee's own serious health condition makes him or her unable to do his or her job.

Military Leave
It is the university's objective to grant military leave with or without pay to employees for active duty in the United States armed services, employees who are former members of the armed services, current members of the reserve forces of any of the United States' armed services, the Commonwealth's Militia (National Guard, Naval Militia and Virginia State Defense Force) or the National Defense Executive Reserve, in accordance with federal and state law.

The university observes 12 authorized holidays each year. These holidays are scheduled to meet the needs of the university's academic calendar. Please refer to the Policy 1102 in the James Madison University Manual of Policies and Procedures for the current schedule.

The Parking Services program is under the direction of Business Services. For the latest information concerning employee vehicle registration, please refer to the Faculty and Staff sections on the Parking services website or contact the parking office at 568-3300.

CommonHealth is an employee wellness program that provides a choice of how one can improve or maintain physical and mental health. Programs vary each semester. For more information visit CommonHealth.

Employee Assistance Program
Employees of the Commonwealth who experience personal problems can get help through an employee assistance program covered under their health insurance benefits. For more information visit DHRM's health benefits website.

Tax-deferred Annuities and Deferred Compensation Plan
Tax-deferred annuities are available for university-approved companies. The university also offers a deferred-compensation plan (457) administered by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The state provides a half match plan up to $20 per pay period.

Recreational Activities
There are numerous opportunities for faculty members to participate in recreational activities on campus. University recreational facilities are available to faculty members and their families. Season football and basketball tickets are available to faculty members at a reduced cost.

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Professional Development Opportunities

Educational Leaves
Educational Leaves are granted to approximately 20 faculty members each year. Funds are used to hire part-time faculty members to replace those on leave Grants for education leaves provide opportunities for faculty members to pursue full-time independent study, graduate/post-graduate study, research or creative activities that will enhance their teaching abilities, professional growth and intellectual renewal.

Faculty Research Summer Grants
The university offers research grants in lieu of teaching during summer sessions. The purpose of this Summer Research Grant Program is to stimulate and assist faculty members in carrying out scholarly activities which will benefit them and, in turn, the university. These grants are intended to be used for costs necessary to sustain successful projects. The university offers research grants in lieu of teaching during summer sessions. The purpose of this Summer Research Grant Program is to stimulate and assist faculty members in carrying out scholarly activities which will benefit them and, in turn, the university. These grants are intended to be used for costs necessary to sustain successful projects.

Faculty Teaching Summer Grants
JMU is committed to superlative teaching. The university offers summer teaching grants for those faculty members who engage in substantial teaching enhanced efforts other than their normal teaching and professional responsibilities. Project possibilities include researching new methods of instruction, training in innovative teaching techniques or acquiring knowledge to revise existing courses or develop new courses. Proposals should support JMU's academic initiatives and relate to the stated objectives of the faculty member's department. Educational leaves, summer faculty research and teaching grants are awarded by the colleges. Expectations and guidelines vary considerably. For further information, contact the dean of your college.

Faculty Member in Residence
As part of the university's commitment to global awareness and its mission to provide continual faculty development, full-time faculty members may apply for the position of faculty member in residence with the JMU Studies Abroad Programs. Interested faculty members must complete an application which addresses guidelines set by a university committee of programs directors, former faculty members in residence, and representatives from administration and finance and student affairs. Criteria for selection include knowledge of culture and language (where applicable) of the country for which they are applying; suitability of course proposal; experience with student advising and student groups; demonstrated administrative ability and financial record-keeping; benefit to the university's departments, schools and colleges. Non-tenured faculty members should seek the advice of their deans, department heads or school directors regarding their participation in an international education abroad program before or during the tenure process. For more information, contact the Office of International Education.

Faculty Development and Improvement Courses Taken at JMU
Full-time faculty members may pursue on-campus courses of instruction offered by the university without paying normal tuition and application fees. They may enroll in two courses per academic session and two courses per summer term.

Attendance at Professional Meetings
The university encourages faculty members to attend state and national meetings of professional organizations. Arrangements to attend these meetings and be absent from classes or other duties are approved by the department head or school director and the appropriate dean. The administration annually budgets a limited amount of money for faculty travel expenses.

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Professional Development and Education

On-Campus Waiver of Tuition Program
Full-time employees may pursue on-campus courses of instruction offered by the university without paying tuition or application fees. Certain requirements must be met prior to course registration. Contact the University Training Center for information on the above section.

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Credit Unions
The university offered two credit unions a faculty member is eligible to join. Participation in a credit union is secured through the purchase of one or more shares of stock and membership fee payment. The faculty member may apply for a loan through a credit union at current interest rates and also maintain a savings account which pays interest based on credit union earnings. Other services available to members are Christmas clubs, vacation clubs, share drafts and checking accounts.

Americans With Disabilities Act
The Office of Equal Opportunity monitors the university's compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Employees requiring assistance or reasonable accommodation should contact their immediate supervisor or activity coordinator. ADA policy issues should be directed to the Office of Equal Opportunity or Human Resources.

Equal Employment Opportunity
It is the policy of James Madison University to promote equal opportunity as it relates to employment, promotion, compensation, benefits, training, educational programs and the opportunity to progress with the university. Such opportunities will not be restricted because of race, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, genetic information, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, parental status, or political affiliation.

Optional Services

  • Library: Use of books, periodicals and reference materials
  • Theater: Movies at reduced rates
  • Bookstore, post office, banking and dining facilities

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