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Health Insurance

Offering the full time employees (administrative faculty members, instructional faculty members, and classified staff) a choice of two health insurance plans, the University provides options for the differing needs of its employees and their families. Administered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, the plans Cost Alliance and Key Advantage, offer coverage for hospitalization, diagnostic testing, physicians office visits, prescription drugs, mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation. Extended coverage including vision and expanded dental is available. Premiums are shared by the University and by the employee and are payroll deducted.

Health Insurance Plan Comparison - A comparison summary of coverage between the State Health Insurance Plans, Key Advantage and Cost Alliance.

Health Insurance Premiums - A table detailing insurance premiums for state Health Insurance Plans. A break down of the total premiums, the portion that the state provides, and the portion that the employee pays.

Qualifying "Life Events" - Lists the events that would qualify the employee to change their health insurance coverage outside of the open enrollment period.

Anthem Primary Care Physician and Dentist List - Links directly to the state Anthem web site where the most current available list of physicians and dentists may be found.

Health Insurance Forms

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