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Leave icon Automated Leave Processing System

Beginning June 25, employees will see the following new section dedicated to leave when they log into

Employees will have access to the View Leave Balances and History link only, on June 25. Beginning June 30, you can access the Add or Edit Leave Request link to request and report your leave electronically.

Exciting New Features of the Automated Leave Processing System
“On-Time” Accrual Processing and Up-to-Date Balances
Vacation and sick leave (if applicable) earned each pay period will update in the system late in the evening on the 9th and the 24th of each month. There will no longer be a delay in the update of vacation and sick leave balances!

Leave Transactions Created for all Actions That Affect Leave Balances
Any change in leave balances – whether from the accrual process, the year-end process or other occurrence – will be recorded in one’s leave transaction list. For example, each time the accrual process runs and updates your vacation leave balance, you will see a corresponding transaction in your leave transaction list.

Available Balance Concept
Hours for all leave requests, even those that are future dated, are deducted from the Available Balance at the time you save and submit your leave request. This feature was established to prevent an employee from overdrawing (using leave you do not have) and it works similar to a checkbook register. If you write a check dated for next month, you typically write it in your checkbook and deduct the amount immediately. Doing so keeps you from having to deduct that check later and can help prevent you from incurring an overdraft in your account. The leave system was created to work the same way. Any leave requests are deducted immediately to help you manage your leave balances more effectively.

Date Range Capabilities Allow for Quick Leave Entry
The new leave system requires that leave be recorded by the day; however, there are several options for quick entry of leave requests that span more than one day. For example, if you take five consecutive days of leave, you can enter one leave request with a date range of five days, and it will default the hours taken to 40, assuming eight hours worked per day. The same is true with leave requests that span two, three and four days. This entry defaults to 16, 24 and 32 hours respectively, saving data entry time.

Links to Leave Entry How-to, Frequently Asked Questions and Tutorials
Links to a how-to document, frequently asked questions and tutorials appear at the top of the leave request entry screen, or you can find the links in the following locations: