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An affiliate is any individual who has a formal affiliation with the university, and receives some services from the university, but is not a student or employee of the university, and receives no compensation from the university (Formal affiliation means that a necessary relationship exists between the University and the individual to provide a service of value to the University).

For more information on Affiliates, please go to Policy 1337.

The following are examples of affiliates at JMU:

  • Affiliate Coach
  • Contractors: Aramark, Follett, etc.
  • Campus Ministers
  • Emeritus Staff and Faculty
  • JMU Foundation
  • Health Services
  • Military Science (ROTC)
  • President's Office
  • State Auditors
  • Student Organization Reps
  • Teacher In Residence
  • Short-term Affiliate (see policy)
  • Visiting Professors

In order to better our affiliates, sponsoring departments across campus must complete an Affiliate Service Request Form for all individuals who meet the definition of an affiliate given above. The form will be submitted to Payroll where data will be entered into the PeopleSoft Human Resources/Payroll system. Turnaround time for completion of this process is 7 working days.

Information Technology is replacing the JMU Accounts Portal used for account activation, password changes and password resets. The Affiliate Form was changed to support the new account activation process. You are now required to provide an email address and a 4 digit PIN number for affiliates to use in the account activation process.

View Instructions | Complete Form

If your spouse chooses to receive UREC access, do NOT submit the Affiliate Form for your spouse. Spouses do not receive UREC access cards to UREC. Affiliates are allowed to bring spouses and dependants to UREC during the family hours only. Those hours are from Friday 6pm - Sunday 6pm.