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Open the Affiliate Form on the web. Enter your email user ID and password in the prompt. This form is to be completed by the sponsoring individual/contact. See JMU Policy 1337 for more information. Enter the data as follows (* denotes a required field):

Affiliate Information

Field Description
Name* Full name of the affiliate
Address* Home address of the affiliate
Social Security Number* SSN of the affiliate
Date of Birth* DOB of the affiliate (mm/dd/yyyy format)
Gender* Gender of the affiliate
Affiliate Status/Company* The status assigned to the affiliate (see JMU Policy 1337 for information on affiliate status/company)
Building Code
Mail StopCode (MSC)*
Building Code, Room and Mail Stop Code of the affiliate. Click here for a list of building codes and here for a list of mail stop codes.
PIN* Enter a random 4-digit PIN number. Use any combination of numbers, even if they were used in the past for another affiliate. This is a temporary number the affiliate will use to create his/her JMU electronic ID.
Affiliate External Email Address* The affiliate needs a non-JMU email address in order to receive a URL to activate his/her JMU electronic ID. The affiliate will use the 4-digit PIN number from above to activate the electronic ID.
Home Phone Home/cell phone number of the affiliate
JMU Phone Work phone number of the affiliate

Sponsoring Department Information

Field Description
Action* Select the appropriate action:
Action Description
New The first time submitting a form for the affiliate
Renewal Renew the affiliate service before the end service date
Termination End the service before the end service date; enter date of termination
Update Services Update services for this affiliate. The new services selected will replace the existing services.
Department Org Code* Department number of sponsoring department
Sponsoring Individual/Contact* Name of sponsor/contact
Email* Email address of sponsor/contact
PeopleSoft ID of Sponsor* PeopleSoft ID of sponsor/contact (JACard number)
PeopleSoft ID of Affiliate Needed if renewing, terminating or updating services (JACard number)
Services Dates* The start and end date of affiliate service (mm/dd/yyyy format)

Services Requested

Field Description
Parking Select the appropriate option:
Option Description
No Parking Affiliate will not receive a parking permit
39 or less hours a week on campus Select if affiliate will receive a parking permit and works 39 hours or less per week
40 or more hours a week on campus Select if affiliate will receive a parking permit and works 40 or more hours a week
<$2,500 per academic year Select if all jobs worked as an affiliate at JMU total less than $2,500
Email Select if the affiliate needs a JMU email account OR requires additional accounts
JACard (UREC Access) Select if affiliate needs a JACard
Library Select if affiliate needs library access

Before clicking “submit”, print this form and obtain a signature from the department head’s supervisor. Retain the completed, signed document in the department. The account will be activated within seven business days.

Information Technology is replacing the JMU Accounts Portal used for account activation, password changes and password resets. The Affiliate Form was changed to support the new account activation process. You are now required to provide an email address and a 4 digit PIN number for affiliates to use in the account activation process.