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What is Harrisonburg Paratransit?
Harrisonburg Paratransit is a wheelchair accessible public transportation service operated by the Harrisonburg Transit System. The service is for persons who cannot use their own vehicle or a transit bus due to a temporary or permanent disability that impairs mobility.

What is the service area for Harrisonburg Paratransit?
The service is offered for trips within the city of Harrisonburg and on the JMU campus.

When can I access Harrisonburg Paratransit?
The service is available during the same hours that the Harrisonburg City Transit Service operates its bus system.

How much does it cost to ride Harrisonburg Paratransit?
There is no fee for JMU students, faculty or staff to access Harrisonburg Paratransit.

How do I apply for services?

  1. Contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS) and set up an appointment.
  2. Bring documentation of your disability that substantiates your need for the Paratransit service with you to the appointment.
  3. ODS will register you for services and authorize use of the Paratransit service.

How do I schedule services?

  • The individual is responsible for managing their own schedule with Paratransit.
  • Call Paratransit (432-0492) at least 24 hours before you need to use the service and give them your schedule of pick-up / drop-off times and locations.
  • Be very specific regarding pick-up locations - verify all locations and times with Paratransit.
  • This service is provided on a week-by-week basis. You must call your schedule in to Paratransit each week to continue services.

Other (very) Important Information

  • DO NOT keep the driver waiting. Be at your pickup location at the time you requested.
  • If you must cancel a trip, call (540) 432-0492 as soon as possible.
  • Two no shows for a scheduled pick-up without notifying Paratransit will result in a suspension of services. You must then contact ODS and they will evaluate your need for the service.