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The forms below are designed to aid supervisors who have been approached by an employee who is communicating the presence of a disability and/or requesting acommodation.

Supervisor's Checklist
Designed to aid supervisors by providing instructions, this form details the steps involved in determining whether a disability qualifies for protection under ADA and making reasonable accommodations.

Documentation of Disability
As part of the accommodation process, documentation of the disability is required. This form is designed to provide a method for compliance with this mandate for documentation and should be completed by the employee's diagnosing professional.

Employee Request for Accommodation
This form is to be completed by the employee making a request for an accommodation.

Functional Limitation Form
This form is to be completed by the Diagnosing Professional and details the functional limitations of the employee.

Accommodation Evaluation Form
This form is to be used to assist the supervisor and Human Resources in determining an appropriate accommodation after all documentation from the employee and diagnosing professional has been received.