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Mission Statement
The Disability Resources Committee will provide information, support and advice to University personnel to help maximize the opportunities and success of faculty, staff, students, and others with disabilities as they relate to the University community.

Purpose of the Committee

  1. To support accessibility to university programs, services and activities.
  2. To provide leadership in developing and implementing a university-wide access plan.
  3. To provide guidance for employment issues.
  4. To develop and disseminate University-wide disability and programmatic initiatives.
  5. To foster a culture at JMU that facilitates serving persons with disabilities.
  6. To assist those offices who are addressing the resolution of disability issues.
  7. To advise on matters of disability policy and procedures.
  8. To review site and facility accessibility issues as needed.
  9. To assist Facilities Planning and Construction in identifying, reviewing and supporting priority barrier removal projects in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).
  10. To represent a broad university perspective, providing input related to removing barriers adversely impacting access to programs, services and activities.
  11. To assist the Office of Disability Services.

Disability Resources Members

Valerie Schoolcraft
James Robinson


James Carter
Dianna Banks
Thomas E. Moran
Mack Moore
Amy Russell Yun
Scott Wachter
Robert Weese
Susan Wheeler

Administrative Support Contacts:

Sandra Gulliver
Lisa Hess