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Kass recently moved from Arlee, MT to attend James Madison University. She is currently a freshman and an avid member of the JMU Honors College. She plans to major in Intelligence Analysis while minoring in Arabic; but enjoys learning about new things whenever she gets the chance. Kass is also new member of CRU on campus and is looking to be even more involved in campus clubs throughout her university endeavors. Kass also hopes to appease her wanderlust for world travel by participating in a study abroad program. Her hobbies include playing volleyball at UREC, laughing with her hallmates in the Potomac study lounges, going to community events and attending Ehall's weekend brunch. Yet, above all Kass hopes that her involvement in the Honors College will help her to be a leader on campus and spread the word about the amazing community and opportunities honors has to offer.

Kass works for the Honors College as a student assistant answering phones, working on specialty projects and giving tours to prospective students when they visit Hillcrest. You'll see Kass at the Honors College on Thursday and Fridays throughout the fall semester.

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