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How to Apply

Applicants must be sophomore Honors students in good standing. Each applicant must select a faculty mentor to support and guide him/her through the application process.

Applications include the following the materials:

  1. Application form
  2. Personal statement
  3. Project proposal (including title and abstract)
  4. Resume
  5. Transcript (can be unofficial)
  6. A letter of recommendation from the faculty mentor that specifies how the applicant meets the selection criteria and discusses the feasibility and merit of the applicant’s proposed project
  7. Letters of support/acceptance from individuals and/or organizations included in the project proposal
  8. Budget for the project
Contact the Prestigious Scholarships Coordinator

Dr. Melinda Adams

Dr. Melinda Adams
(540) 568-6526
Hillcrest 202

The Hillcrest Global Studies Scholarship provides up to $5,000 in financial assistance to carry out an off-campus summer enrichment experience following the junior year. Students may use the scholarship to increase their knowledge and understanding of another country, culture, and language, to promote mutual understanding among countries, and/or to bring knowledge from another country back to the United States. Proposals may also address contemporary challenges to global society like sustainable development, migration, global disease, and environmental degradation. Students, with the aid of their faculty mentors, are encouraged to design unique projects that help them meet their academic and/or career goals. Please note that the scholarship cannot be used solely to fund a study abroad program.

Hillcrest scholars are selected on the basis of their proposed project, their ability to connect the proposed experience to future academic goals, their academic achievements and intellectual promise, and their ability to make a significant contribution to society in the future.

Selection Criteria

Global Studies Award Hillcrest Scholars are selected on the following basis:

  1. The quality of the proposed enrichment experience: The selection committee will look for a specific and feasible project proposal that clearly articulates how the proposed activity fits into the applicant’s academic and career plans and indicates why the applicant plans to carry out this activity in the proposed location. The proposal should clearly discuss how the project contributes to future academic endeavors, such as the Senior Honors Project. 
  2. Academic achievements and intellectual promise: The selection committee will look at the applicant’s academic record, scholarly awards and honors, and potential to excel in his/her field of study.
  3. Commitment to the country/issue of study: The selection committee is looking for a demonstrated commitment to the country and/or issue of study. Evidence of this commitment may include coursework that focuses on the country or region of interest, the study of a relevant language, and/or coursework in the issue of interest.
  4. Ability to make a significant future contribution to society: The committee is interested in projects that promote the public good.
Selection Process

Students apply for the Hillcrest Scholarships during the second semester of the sophomore year. 

Recipients are announced at the end of the semester.

  1. Preliminary Interviews: Preliminary interviews will be scheduled in late March/early April to select a set of finalists for each award. JMU faculty, administrators, and/or students will interview applicants. Committee members may ask questions about the application, the proposed project, the applicant’s preparation to carry out the project, and/or how the project connects with the applicant’s academic and professional goals. 
  2. Final Interviews: Finalists will participate in a second round of interviews a Saturday in mid-April. The final selection committee may include faculty members, administrators, students, alumni, and other friends of JMU.

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