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All Track II Honors Scholars complete 24 credit hours of Honors coursework. The Honors curriculum does not replace or modify a student's requirements in their major. However, many Honors courses will double count toward the student's major requirements as well as toward the Honors total. 

Track II is for current and transfer students only.

Curricular Components

Honors Seminars: 6 credits

Honors Electives: 12 credits

Honors Capstone Project: 6 credits

Curriculum Guide

Honors electives can be any combination of Honors seminars, Honors elective courses within a discipline, special designated Honors General Education Courses, Honors options, or Honors Study Abroad opportunities. Typically, honors course requirements can be completed within a normal four-year sequence. Track II students who successfully complete all their Honors requirements will have the designation of Honors Scholar included on their transcripts and diplomas. In addition, the Honors College gives each Honors graduate a medallion to wear at graduation.

Good Standing in Honors

Honors students are required to maintain good standing in the program. Failure to meet these standards or violation of the University Honors Code will be grounds for dismissal. Please refer to Maintaining Good Standing in the Handbook for important information.


Track II students who enter the Honors College in their third or fourth semester of university work should begin taking Honors courses as soon as possible. Track II students should especially consider using the signature Area of Emphasis course sequences and Honors options in courses in their major field of study. Depending on the semester of entry, Track II students may be eligible to complete an Area of Emphasis and/or an Honors Seminar Abroad. Track II students will begin their Honors Capstone Project in the second semester of the junior year, submitting the project proposal and completing the first 499 course. The final year should be devoted to completing the Honors Capstone Project and any remaining Honors course requirements.

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