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The Madison Historical Review is in the process of editing and publishing its Spring 2014 issue. A yearly call for papers will go out in late September/early October. The deadline for submissions will be mid-January. Papers received after the deadline will not be considered for publication. Papers submitted to the MHR undergo two rounds of review by the editorial board before articles are accepted for publication. Finalists for publication will be notified in mid-March. If you are chosen as a finalist you may be asked to revise your paper prior to publication and return it to the MHR by late April/early May. The MHR will be published online in May.

The Madison Historical Review accepts book reviews and articles based on primary research from students enrolled in a historically centered Masters program. Submissions are encouraged from all students who meet the eligibility requirements, especially those seeking an early publishing opportunity. The Review is dedicated to highlighting work from graduate students in the fields of American, World, and Public history. These fields are often overlapping so we are providing the follow, brief guidelines for identifying the field that best defines your paper. These definitions are not all inclusive and your paper may not adhere strictly to any specific characteristic mentioned below:

• American history papers should have a central focus on the North American continent although they may use such frameworks as transnational history for analysis.

• World history papers can include: European, Latin American, Asian, African studies etc. Their scope can focus on one specific location or can incorporate a larger, global context.

• Public history papers must have a strong reliance on material culture as a source for analysis. In addition to enhancing a known topic through object analysis, papers can discuss issues of memory, public space, memorials, or museums.

Detailed submission guidelines may be found under the article, and book review, headings in the navigation bar.