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History Day


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Congratulations to the winners of District 4's 2015 History Day Competition

Make sure to register your student for the statewide contest that will take place on April 18, 2015.

District 4 March 24, 2015

THEME: Leadership & Legacy in History

James Madison University's History Department is happy to host District 4's History Day competition again.

In 2015, History Day is in the Festival Conference Center on the JMU campus.

National History Day  

Instructions For Registration 


Printable Registration Form  

Registration (Online)

2015 Logistics   

Statewide Contest

    Registration deadline is  March 16, 2015. Papers are due March 19 and website information (including weebly ID) is due March 19. 



Effective this year, there is a change so that more students from each category will move on to the state competition.  For categories with less than 9 entries, 3 will move on to state (instead of two as previously).  For those with 9-16 entries, 4 move on.  For those with 17-24 entries, 5 move on.  For those with 25-35 entries, 6 move on.  And for those with more than 36 entries (primarily exhibits), 7 will move on to state.

After registration ends, the number of students moving on in each category will be posted after registration ends. The top 2 entries will continue to receive plaques.