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Historic Preservation


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Historic Preservation Projects

As part of their regular course work, students in the Historic Preservation class (HIST 493/593, ARTH 493) have researched and nominated a variety of Shenandoah Valley buildings and structures to the National Register of Historic Places. Here students inspect the attic of an early 19th-century Rockingham County dwelling (top) and document an outbuilding on an early 19th-century Rockingham County farm with measured architectural drawings and photographs (bottom). Scroll down to see more student projects.

Top Left: Historic Preservation students documenting an early 19th-century Rockingham County outbuilding. Top Right: Professor Darryl Nash with students in the 2008 Historic Preservation class at the John Kline House in Rockingham County.

Top Left: Professor Darryl Nash with students at Bellevue in Augusta County. Top Right: mantel detail, Liskey House, Rockingham County.  Below Left: student in attic of outbuilding at Bellevue.  Below Right: Professor Nash and students examining outbuilding at Bellevue.

Below: Professor Darryl Nash and students researched this early Rockingham county springhouse.

Top and Below: Historic Preservation students worked to nominate this early Rockingham County dwelling to the National Register.  An early spring-fed outbuilding (below) also stood on the property.

Top Right:  view of staircase from second floor landing, Craney Island.

Above: Historic Preservation students in the attic of the Craney Island House, Rockingham County.  



Top Left: Student working in log addition of Cromer-Trumbo House, Dayton, VA.
Top Right: Cromer-Trumbo house, log addition (ca. 1820)