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We don't have to live and work in a community where power-based violence occurs.

The Well offers educational programming to the JMU community rooted in primary prevention of power-based personal violence, such as sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking.

Power-based personal violence affects individuals of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, races, abilities, socioeconomic statuses, and religions. Our educational programs are open to all students, as we present through an intersectional lens and show our support for all survivors.

Primary Prevention - Educational programs rooted in primary prevention promote building protective factors against perpetration of power-based personal violence. They also aim to decrease the development of risk factors against perpetration of power-based personal violence. Strategies include promoting and sustaining the development of healthy sexuality, healthy relationships and socially just institutions. These programs are comprehensive, inclusive, sustained, interactive, and informed by best-practices in the field of violence prevention.

Survivor Advocate - Confidential survivor advocate.

Survivor Resource Map - Includes options for confidential health-related resources, non-confidential campus resources and criminal resources.

Awareness - To bring visible awareness to these issues, The Well offers many events throughout the school year to educate our community on ways we can prevent these issues, support those who have experienced them, and learn more.

Campus Coalition Against Sexual Assault - A coalition of students, faculty and staff working to prevent and respond to the issue of sexual violence.

The University Health Center’s medical providers can provide medical services to survivors including STI testing and prophylaxis at no cost, HIV testing at no cost, pregnancy testing and emergency contraception at no cost, and other medical services and referrals as needed. Survivor Advocates can help to connect you to these services as well as to local hospital resources if you would like a forensic exam. The University Health Center is a confidential resource.

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