JMU’s Geographic Science program is now hosting the Virginia GIS Site License through a consortium of school districts, informal education venues and after-school organizations. 

In partnership with esri, we are providing GIS software at a minimal cost to consortium participants.  All of the proceeds will stay in Virginia and be used to offer professional development in the use of geospatial technologies for teachers across the Commonwealth.

With this site license, you may install the software on as many computers in your districts as you wish, as well as provide access for teachers on their home computers.  You also have the choice of obtaining any of the ESRI GIS packages from the basic ArcMap to the full ArcInfo.  Note that the software requires the Windows Operating System.  Full specifications are available for ArcGIS 10.3.1 or ArcGIS 10.4.

Note that this pricing does not include technical support.  We will work to develop a network of users within the Commonwealth to provide technical support.  You may also contact esri to arrange a technical support contract for a minimal fee. Please contact Paul Rittenhouse with any questions.

Licensing and Pricing

License Request Form

Professional Development

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