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Outreach Programs offers credit and noncredit programs as well as targeted one-time courses, certificate programs and complete degree programs at a distance. The mission of Outreach Programs is to extend the resources of JMU beyond our campus by providing access to quality education experiences through innovative approaches to those seeking to further their personal and professional development. Outreach Programs works with faculty, academic units, students, and community organizations to design, market, and deliver a wide array of courses. Outreach Programs also oversees the enrollment of non-degree seeking students. Non-degree seeking students are individuals who enroll in offered credit courses but do not seek a degree.

Admission of Veterans
Outreach Programs encourages veterans to apply for admission as full- or part-time students. For information, contact:

Veterans Coordinator
Office of the Registrar, MSC 3528
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
(540) 568-6569
Certificate Program Admission
Individuals who wish to pursue the K-12 Gifted Education Endorsement or Autism Spectrum Studies certificate must apply through Outreach Programs and be approved before registering for classes. All other certificate programs are managed through The Graduate School.

Individuals must complete the Non-degree Seeking Student Application, select "Certificate" and select the program to which they are applying. Virginia residents must also complete the "Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates." A non-refundable $45 processing fee must accompany the application. Although certificate program students are considered non-degree seeking students, applicants for certificate programs need only complete the Non-degree Seeking Student Application once for the semester in which they wish to begin the program. Applications for certificate programs are forwarded to the appropriate academic unit for review, and applicants should check with the academic unit for additional application materials that may be required. A list of available certificate programs can be found at under "Certificate Programs."

Non-degree Seeking Student Admission
The non-degree seeking student classification includes adult non-degree students and teacher licensure students. An individuals seeking enrollment as a non-degree seeking student must complete the "Non-degree Seeking Student Application." Virginia residents must also complete the "Application for Virginia In-state Tuition Rates." A non-refundable $15 processing fee must accompany the application. Non-degree seeking students must submit the application and processing fee each semester they enroll in a course. At the 600 level and above, courses require approval by the appropriate department head. Non-degree seeking students can complete the Non-Degree Seeking Student Application and the in-state form by going to and clicking "Apply Online Now" or "Outreach Forms." Students should register online during the dates identified for non-degree seeking students following the instructions at and clicking "For Students" then "Registration Information Dates and Deadlines." Walk-in registration and course adjustments are also permitted for non-degree seeking students.

The courses taken in the non-degree seeking student category carry university credit, and they may be transferred into a graduate program, once admitted, at the discretion of the program. Taking courses as a non-degree seeking student does not constitute admission to a program or imply later applicability of these courses toward a degree. An individual who has been academically dismissed from another institution or denied regular admission to JMU shall be required to wait for at least one calendar year for admission as a non-degree seeking student.

Non-credit Courses
JMU coordinates all non-credit instructional programs through Outreach Programs. These programs are available for supplementing and updating knowledge, skills and abilities. Some non-credit courses and workshops award continuing education units as a uniform measure of professional development and to signify the student has completed the course or workshop. Information on CEUs is available online at Information on non-credit course offerings and registration is available at by clicking "Noncredit Courses" or "Online Noncredit Courses." Additional information about Outreach Programs as well as other registration information can be accessed on the Outreach Programs Web site at

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