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Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting The Graduate School, please review the following brief list of FAQs. 

Completing the Application 

 Can I apply to more than one program during an application season?
  • Yes, you may apply to multiple programs but you can only be admitted into one. You must apply to each program on separate applications.
How do I submit recommendation letters?
  • If your program requires them (not all programs do) then on page 8 of the Online Application you will enter the name, institution/company, title and e-mail address for each of your recommenders. You can submit your recommenders' information before you submit your application.
How do I know if my recommender sent my recommendation?
  • You can return to your online application anytime to view the status, send reminders, cancel a request, or change your recommenders. Log-in to your Online Application, click on "Review Your Activity", navigate to the "Review Page", and then click on "Manage your Recommenders."

Can I submit my application if my official test scores have not been sent to The Graduate School?
  • Yes, an application can be submitted but depending on the program everything must be received by their specific deadline (if any) in order to have your application reviewed. Missing test scores will be added to your "TO DO" list that can be viewed in your MyMadison account after you have submitted your online application and set-up your MyMadison account. (activation information found here).
Whom should I contact with questions about Virginia resident status?
  • When filling out your online application click the SCHEV link for more information on who qualifies for Virginia in-state tuition rates.
How do I enter two undergraduate majors from one institution?
  • You should enter each major on a separate line and repeat the institution's name on each line.
How do I submit transcripts?
  • Transcripts will be uploaded with your online application. Only upload transcripts from universities/colleges where you have earned or anticipate earning a degree (or expect to apply credit to your program at James Madison University). Do not mail or send transcripts to The Graduate School until you are accepted into a program.
When do I send my Official transcripts?
  • AFTER you have been admitted into a program you will send your Official transcripts electronically whenever possible. If electronic submission is not possible, official paper transcripts must arrive unopened, either brought in-person or mailed to the following address:

The Graduate School
James Madison University
MSC 6702, 17 W Grace St.
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

How do I check the status of my application?
  • Your application status is displayed in MyMadison. Once you log-in select the "Applicant" tab and you will see either "complete" or "incomplete", also you may see items listed on your "To Do" list.
What should I do if I experience technical difficulties?
  • Applicants should use the Help Link in the online application to report technical difficulties. NOTE: Clicking the HELP LINK at the bottom of any page while filling out the Online Application will resolve most problems. However, if you don't receive a response after 24 hours, then call 503-973-5213 from 7am-6pm Pacific Standard Time Monday through Friday.

Standardized Tests 

Can I submit GRE scores that were taken in the old format?
  • Yes, GRE scores in either format are valid for up to five years. Official scores must be sent directly from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) using the institution code 5392. (If you are applying to a CSD program your test scores will be sent to CSDCAS institutional code 1043.) Please remember to indicate that the scores are being sent to a graduate institution.
Can I apply now and submit my test scores later?
  • Yes, official test scores may be received by The Graduate School independently from the online application, either before or after submitting an application.
What are the minimum GRE or GMAT scores?
  • Minimum scores on either the GRE or GMAT standardized tests must be above the 25th percentile in all sections.
What is the minimum requirement for the TOEFL?
  • The minimum internet-based (iBT) TOEFL score requirement is 88. The minimum paper-based TOEFL score is 570.
What is the minimum requirement for the IELTS?
  • The minimum score is 7.0.
Can I still apply if I do not meet the minimum requirement on standardized tests?
  • Yes, admissions committees will review applications that do not meet the minimum requirements.

 Admissions Decisions

 When are admissions decisions released?
  • Admissions decisions are communicated to applicants through your account in MyMadison by clicking on the Applicant Center tab where you can view your status. For information about the decision process you should check your program. Click on the Program's page website  icon.
How do I respond to my offer of admission?
  • To accept or decline an offer of admission, an applicant must log-in to their MyMadison account, click on the "Applicant" tab, and view the decision. You must click on the accept or decline link and follow the instructions there.
How long do I have to consider my offer of admission?
  • You should accept your offer at least two weeks before the start of the term. Offers of admission that are not accepted by the start of a term will be withdrawn.
  • NOTE: Some programs have a specific date and if not accepted the offer will be withdrawn.
  • Deferments may be available, contact your program directly to discuss that option.