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Your JAC card

Add value to your JAC card

Your JAC card can also be used as a debit card using FLEX dollars, or used for purchasing meals on campus with Dining Dollars or meal plans.

It's a good idea to put some "flex dollars" on your JAC card. If you plan on using campus computer labs at all, you'll need FLEX dollars on your account to use the printers and copy machines. Using FLEX dollars gives you a 5% discount at dining services locations, and can be used conveniently at vending machines across campus. The balance can be used for anything on campus and at many stores in Harrisonburg. Plus, the balance never expires and you can add value to it any time through the web, a campus dart machine, or the card services office.

Dining Dollars
Consider signing up for the "Dining Dollars Gold" plan. Dining Dollars are similar to FLEX dollars except that they are used only at dining services locations. Using Dining Dollars has the benefit of providing a 5% discount on your dining purchases plus exemption from meal tax. Like FLEX, you can deposit any amount of money on to your JAC card at any time. However, your Dining Dollars balance will expire at the end of the school year.

Meal Plans
JMU dining services offers several reasonably priced meal-plans which are a great idea if you plan on eating on campus during meal hours. Meal plans can be a bargain, but they expire on a daily or weekly basis so if you don't use your meals, you lose them. Meal "punches" can only be used during meal hours which may vary by dining location. There is a deadline for signing up for a meal plan for a semester, but you can adjust your plan each semester if your needs change.