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Living Arrangements

Living arrangements

Find a place to live
JMU does not have on-campus housing for graduate students; graduate students must find living arrangements off campus. A good place to start looking is the JMU off-campus housing guide sponsored by the Office of Off-Campus Living (OCL). If you have trouble finding a place, contact the OCL (540-568-6071); they know of apartments that are rented primarily to graduate students.

You may also check The Graduate School website for a list of apartments and town houses for rent. http://www.jmu.edu/grad/current_students/student_life.shtml.

Find a roommate
You may want to contact your department to obtain e-mail addresses of other students in your program or department who might be looking for a roommate. The OCL has a roommate search service on their web site.

Get Set up
Depending on where you find housing, you may need to contact local electric, gas, phone, and cable companies to have utilities connected at your new residence. There are lots of move-ins happening in Harrisonburg in August, so call the relevant utility companies early to get a prompt installation appointment.