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Faculty members may be appointed to the graduate faculty when they are hired, if their responsibilities will include graduate instruction and advising and/or supervision, and if they meet the criteria for graduate faculty status. Current faculty members whose responsibilities change to include graduate instruction, advising and/or supervision are eligible to apply to become members of the graduate faculty by using the procedures outlined in the Appointment to the Graduate Faculty policy (Academic Affairs Policy #5: www.jmu.edu/acadaffairs/policies.html). Adjunct clinical graduate instructors may be given graduate faculty status by the academic unit head, with prior approval by the academic dean and the dean of The Graduate School.

New faculty members: The academic unit head of the hiring department will send a letter to the dean of The Graduate School requesting that the faculty member be appointed at the appropriate graduate faculty level. The college dean must also sign the letter requesting the appointment, and a copy of the applicant’s curriculum vita must be attached.

 Current faculty members: A current faculty member wishing to be appointed to the graduate faculty should submit an application (include a link to the application here) to the appropriate academic unit head during the semester preceding the desired date of appointment, but no later than two months before the desired date of appointment. If the academic unit head approves the application of a faculty member to have graduate faculty status, a recommendation will be forwarded to the appropriate academic dean. If the academic dean approves a recommendation to appoint a faculty member to graduate faculty status, the recommendation, with notation of the dean’s approval, will be forwarded to the dean of The Graduate School.

See the complete policy with information on graduate faculty status and the annual graduate faculty renewal process at: http://www.jmu.edu/acadaffairs/policies.html.

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