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Q1.1 How can I apply to one of JMU's graduate programs?

A. You can apply online at http://www.jmu.edu/grad/prospective/  and click on "Apply Online Now!"

Q1.2 How do I get a Graduate Catalog?

A. You may view an electronic copy of the catalog at http://www.jmu.edu/grad/catalogs.shtml. Non-students can purchase a catalog at the JMU Bookstore (540/568-6121). All JMU students will receive a card in their acceptance packets that can be taken to TGS (Grace Street House: 17 W. Grace Street, off Main) for a free catalog.

Q1.3 What is the deadline for the application for a particular semester?

A. Graduate Programs have a rolling admission policy, which means that we will accept your application up to and after the stated deadlines below. Some programs have specific deadlines (Click here for those deadlines). In order to receive full consideration for admission into the program you are applying as well as for financial aid, check the online catalog for program specific deadlines and requirements.

If your program does not list a specific application deadline, our rolling admission deadlines are:

Spring: September 1
Summer: February 1
Fall: May 1

Q1.4 What are the TOEFL, GRE, MAT, and GMAT requirements?

A. TOEFL scores are required of all international students whose first language is not English. GMAT's are required for Accounting Business Administration majors. Public Administration majors may take GRE's or GMAT's. See the admission requirements for the department in question for a list of approved tests. MAT's are for the Masters of Arts in Teaching Degree in Early, Middle, or Secondary Education. Current JMU undergraduate students enrolled in the 5th Year Education MAT program are not required to take GRE's.

Q1.5 What are the TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, and MAT test dates?

A. Test dates vary from year to year. They may be found in the information bulletins that are published yearly. Copies of the current bulletin may be obtained from The Graduate School in Grace Street House. Applications for these tests can be obtained through this office, your local college or university or by contacting the Educational Testing Service at (800) 473-2255 for the GRE or (800) 462-8669 for the GMAT. You can also obtain information about these tests on-line at http://www.gre.org/ or http://www.gmat.org/ Information about the MAT can be obtained from the Psychological Corporation at (800) 622-3231.

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Q1.6 Are GRE preparation classes given at James Madison University?

A. Yes. Schedules for these classes are available on-line kaptest.com/gre or in the Graduate School office.

Q1.7 Are GRE's given at James Madison University?

A. No

Q1.8 I took the GRE's three years ago; are they still good or do I need to retake them?

A. GRE/GMAT/MAT scores are good for five years. After 5 years students are required to retake the test. GRE/GMAT/MAT scores submitted to TGS are kept on file for two years.

Q1.9 Why are official scores required? Won't you review with a copy?

A. Unfortunately there have been instances of students submitting fraudulent test scores. Requiring an original increases our certainty that the test score submitted is accurate.

Q1.10 How do I get additional information about departments when applying?

A. Departmental phone numbers are contained in the Graduate catalog at the beginning of each departmental description. There is also College and Department information on James Madison University's website.

Q1.11 How do I know what is missing in my application?

A. When we receive your application we send a e-mail and a memo notifying you of the material missing from your application.

Q1.12 How long does it take to process an application?

A. Your application will not be sent to the department until all required materials have been received. If we have not received all of your application materials after 60 days of receipt, a letter will be sent to you letting you know of the materials that are still missing. If we do not hear back from you, your file will be closed.

Q1.13 Why can't you tell me if I've been accepted?

A. Your application may still be under review by the program to which you've applied; we cannot give you information until a decision has been made by the program.

Q1.14 I called the program to which I've applied and they don't have my file, why not?

A. Your application file will not be sent to the department until all required materials have been received.

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Q1.15 Why was I rejected?

A. The most accurate answer to this question should be obtained from the program to which you have applied. The most common reasons for rejection are poor undergraduate academic performance and low test scores (GRE,GMAT,MAT,TOEFL). Other major reasons include a poor fit between the student's career goals and the graduate program or lack of space in the program for additional students.

Q1.16 How can I find out the status of my application?

A. You can call our office at 540/568-6131 or email grad_programs@jmu.edu. Or you can check with the program to which you have applied.

Q1.17 I'm scheduled to take my GRE's and I need to know what the institutional code is for the graduate school at JMU?

A. The code is 5392

Q1.18 I had my scores and transcripts sent to you. How do I find out if you have received them, or what my scores are?

A. We can only tell the person whether or not the scores have been received. According to the rights of privacy specified by the Dulaney Amendment, we cannot divulge the scores over the phone, because we cannot verify the identity of the caller.

Q1.19 I'm going to be out of the country for a while, can my parents call your office to see if I have been accepted? Can they check the status of my application?

A. Because of confidentiality we will only tell the student the status of his or her application. We will not divulge the acceptance or non-acceptance of an applicant to anyone over the phone because we cannot verify the identity of the caller.

Q1.20 Where do I send my letters of recommendation, my personal statement and my application fee?

A. You would send your Graduate Application, application fee, official test scores, and official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended to The Graduate School and all other materials are sent to the program to which you are applying.

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Tuition and Fees:

Q2.1 How many credit hours are considered full time/part time?

A. Full time is 9 or more credit hours per semester and part time is anything less than 9.

Q2.2 How many hours do I register for over the summer?

A. That should be worked out between the student and his/her program advisor.

Q2.3 How much is tuition?

A. The Office of Student Financial Services lists current tuition rates on their website. http://www.jmu.edu/ubo/rates/

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Assistantships and Financial Aid:

Q3.1 How can I find out about getting an assistantship?

A. Most Teaching and Graduate Assistantships are awarded by the departments although some administrative offices also have a few GA positions. A list of hiring departments can be found on the Graduate School website at http://www.jmu.edu/grad/assistantships.shtml Select "Assistantship Departments".

Your graduate program may have assistantship positions that you may be eligible to fill. Your first step to acquire an assistantship should be to contact your own graduate program to inform them of your interest in an assistantship.

To apply for an assistantship

  • go to http://www.jmu.edu/humanresources/joblink.shtml
  • click on "login as applicant"
  • click on "search job openings"
  • under position type drop down menu, click on "graduate assistantship"
  • click on "search"
  • select position you are interested in and complete and submit application.

    Q3.2 How long can I have an assistantship?

    A. Students will be allowed to receive an assistantship for a maximum of four academic semesters (fall and spring) or two academic years. This is intended to encourage students to complete their programs in a timely manner and free resources for in-coming students. Summer assistantships (generally grant-funded), and doctoral assistantships are not included in this restriction. The following exceptions are made due to the length of the specific programs:

    1. Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) students will take nine graduate hours each semester and will be allowed six semesters or three academic years of tuition scholarship.

    2. School Psychology Master of Arts (M.A.) students will be presumed to be comitting to continue through the Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) program as well; and will be allowed twelve graduate hours of tuition scholarship for six semesters or three academic years, exlusive of internship courses.

    3. Counseling Psychology Educational Specialist (M.A./Ed.S.) students will be allowed nine graduate hours each semester for six semesters or three academic years, exlusive of internship courses.

    Q3.7 How can I find out about more financial aid possibilities?

    A. The number for the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is 540/568-7820 or 568-6645. Or you can go to their website at http://www.jmu.edu/finaid/

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    General Questions

    Q7.3 I'm in my senior year as an undergraduate at JMU and have just been accepted into JMU's graduate program. How many graduate level credit hours can I take as a graduate student?

    A. If you have been accepted into a graduate program (while still an undergraduate) and are ready to enroll in courses the following semester to begin your graduate career, you will register under your Graduate academic career on e-campus for the graduate courses that you want to apply to your graduate coursework. If you have any remaining undergraduate courses for which to register, register for them under your Undergraduate academic career. If there are graduate-level courses that you are interested in taking as part of your undergraduate transcript (you must have at least 120 credit hours), register for those classes under your Undergraduate academic career (you may need permission to register for them).

    Rolling Admission Application Deadlines

    February 1 - for summer entry

    May 1 - for fall entry

    September 1 - for spring entry

    Many programs have earlier deadlines for application.

    Click here for PROGRAM SPECIFIC deadines

    TGS offers Information Sessions about JMU graduate programs, admissions, and the application process every second Tuesday and Thursday of the month.  Check the calendar for dates and times.