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Frequently Asked Questions for International Students at JMU

1. Questions about the international student positive service indicator that is displayed in MyMadison:

What is the positive service indicator from ISSS that I see on my account?

The positive service indicator from ISSS is a friendly reminder to you and your academic advisor that you are on a temporary visa and must contact ISSS if you drop below full-time enrollment, accept on-campus employment, or participate in an off-campus internship or practicum. A positive service indictor does not restrict you from enrolling in classes or conducting other business at JMU.

Is a positive service indicator the same thing as a hold on my account?

  A positive service indicator is not the same as a hold.  Even though it is listed under holds, if you see the words positive service indicator- you do not need to worry about being able to enroll in classes.

image of the positive service indicator display in my madison

  **If you do have a hold from another department,  MyMadison provides instructions for clearing each negative hold. If you have questions about this, contact the Registrar’s Office (540)-568-6281 |

How can I get the positive service indicator removed?

 The positive service indicator is not something you need to remove. If you only have a positive service indicator you do not need to worry! If you have a negative hold (see above) you need to follow the directions in MyMadison to get the hold removed.