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Now that you have received an acceptance letter:

Follow the specific instructions found on that letter to inform JMU whether you will be attending JMU or whether you have changed your mind.

  • Undergraduate students must pay a deposit.
  • graduate students must log-in to their MyMadison account and click on the accept link.
Next Steps

You may understand when to arrive on campus but the specific details of your arrival may be unclear.  Knowing exactly what you need to do and sorting it out can be overwhelming. Having to do so from a different country is an even more daunting task. 

To help you, simply register for Transitions (International orientation program) to obtain pre-arrival information (transportation info, early move in, immigration regulations, and orientation schedule...) now. Go ahead and click on the “Register Now” button, 1- login using your eID and password, 2- click on Transitions, and 3- select “Apply Now”.  Now that you are in the application, follow the instructions and complete all of the steps (Learning Content and Questionnaire).


Please feel free to contact:

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