International Student Orientation Program

While the content found on this page is meant to give you an overview of what to expect, you need to register by login in to the ISSS portal. The link to the portal is found in the Introduction tab. 

Sunday, January 11:  

On-Campus Housing Move-in Procedures:

  • The earliest that you can move-in on-campus (provided you have taken the necessary steps to live on-campus) is the Sunday prior to the first day of classes at 9am. You will need to report to your assigned residence hall. Head inside and look for the residence hall staff on duty to give you a temporary access card and your room key.
  • In case of complications or difficulties, please note that you can reach Thomas Lavenir on his office phone (540) 568-7314. When on campus, simply dial: 8-7314 from the emergency phone (in a box) located outside the residence hall.


  • JMU 101 - What will campus life be like? How will I get around? Where do I pay my bills?
  • Campus Tour - JMU will become your new home for the length of time of your studies. Let's explore the campus and obtain your JAC card.
  • Let's go shopping - We definitely want to make sure that you have bed sheets fo your new room, and a few other items to make sure that you can rest well and comfortably.
  • Dinner - Let's enjoy dinner in company of new and returning students before classes begin on Monday.

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