International Week

Every year during the last week in September, our office in collaboration with many different departments and organizations organize a campus-wide International Week celebration consisting of a series of cultural and golbal events, presentations, and performances. This week provides for many opportunities to can showcase your organization and/or some of its achievements/events. Your organization can (1) partake in the Multicultural Parade, (2) request a table during the International Bazaar up on the Commons, (3) perform or showcase a particular talent specific to your org. and (4) submit an event proposal and feature your event during next year's International Week.

Global Connections

"The Global Connections: Tea or Coffee" is an informal event which our office organizes every Friday afternoons from 3-5pm in the Hoffman Hall Lounge Area where individuals informally get together over coffee and tea in order to connect with one another as they hangout and chill. Yet to make it more fascinating, fun and engaging, we work with different student oragnizations to feature them on a specific Friday, during which time they bring their members and friends to come over to facilitate an activity of some sort where they teach or explain participants how to do something, like a particular culture game, recipe (like making crepes), craft (like origami), dance (like salsa), and/or teach song, etc… that way everyone has fun and gets to connect, and interact with others. In return you may have more individuals interested in attending your meetings and your events. Our office would be able to chip in/contribute financially for some of your props, items, etc… 

  • Do you have a special event or program that you would like some financial assistance?

  • Do you have an event that you would like to be approved as a Passport event?

  • Would you like some advice with an event you would like to organize?



Our office has created a listserv where all of our globally-minded individuals can be and are subscribed to. A weekly e-mail is sent (every Wednesday) to this listserv to promote our events and other cultural/international events. This listserv therefore provides you with the following options:

  1. To be subscribed to be updated and/or take part in CGE events and other cultural/international events.

  2. To contribute to the list of cultural/international events that your organization is planning. E-mail Thomas Lavenir. with the event date, time, location and a description that is one line or less, along with a url (to a facebook page or webpage) if any. Keep in mind that you need to do so by Tuesday 5pm for it to appear on the following day.

Facebook Page

The purpose of our Facebook page: International Student Connection is to connect the JMU globally minded individuals togethers. Feel free to Like it and or to post appropriate cultural/international events and/or announcements.

Are you interested or wish to obtain more information?

So what do you think? Are you interested? Let's talk! Don't hesitate to stop on by, e-mail and or call (540) 568-7314 Thomas Lavenir for more information. 

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