So you want your event to be approved to be a Wellness Passport approved event?

Here is the process:

General Guidelines and Responsibilities:

FIRST: What information will you need to provide?

Part A: When you complete the online request form, you will need to provide the following info.:

  • Name & contact info of individual in charge of the event
  • The name of the event
  • A brief description of what the event is about (most likely the text that you would send out to your peers and colleagues that would entice them to attend your event
  • When and the duration of the event
  • The location of the event
  • The location’s capacity
  • Whether this is a free event or not
  • Sponsoring organization(s)
  • The wellness dimensions this event would fall under (the descriptions of these dimensions can be found on the Submission Request Form.

Part B: You will see when you complete the Submission Request Form that you will need to choose where your event(s) fall under ehich category, either betwwen “One-time event” or “Series of events” 

  • The “One-time event” would be a event that you organize once in a semester such as bringing a speaker to talk on a a specific topic or a culture show.
  • The “Series of events” would a be a series of events which fall under one same purpose such as a conference which can take place over 1 day or several days, or a ‘culture-week.’

Part C: No matter which option you choose, all Wellness Passport events need to have a Q&A section or other supplementary material to engage your audience. For exampl, for the showing of a movie or documentary a Q&A session must be included.

If your event consists of one-time event or series of events with no real way of figuring out how long a wellness passport student is spending at this event, you will need to devise a specific worksheet for this event ((so as to prevent a student from earning an easy credit/passport stamp without having really participated in the event). Here is a sample of the worksheet given to the students who have participated in one of the annual Study Abroad Fairs in the past.

Your worksheet (which you will need to come up with and upload when you complete the Submission Request Form) will need to be distributed to the wellness passport students as they walk-in for them to complete it during and/or after having attended the event and then turn it to you (for you to keep) in exchange for a stamp (which you will be provided) on their wellness passport worksheet (which they will have). As you create your worksheet, keep in mind that it can also serve as an assessment tool for you to obtain feedback about your event, etc.

SECOND: Keep in mind the restrictions and your responsibilities

  • Events should be 60-90 min. (NO MORE than 120 min.)
  • Event applications must be filled out correctly and submitted at least 10 business days prior to the event start date to ensure that the event(s) receive(s) proper approval and can be posted in due time on the Wellness Passport Event page.
  • Event coordinators are responsible for picking up, using, and returning the Wellness Passport stamp.
  • Event coordinators are held accountable for meeting the responsibilities and guidelines that come with hosting a Wellness Passport event. Lack thereof may result in the loss of offering any subsequent programming for the remainder of the semester. A panel made up of the HTH 100 faculty will review violations and determine the penalty. Violations can include but are not limited to the following:
  • Advertising (through flyers, emails, posters, etc…) of the said event is a wellness passport event. Events are ONLY advertised on the HTH 100 calendar.
  • Changes in program logistics (room, time, date, etc…) not communicated at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Failure to provide stamping on official verification passport pages at the event.

THIRD: Then, what?

After you submit all of the information at least 10 days in advance, a colleague and I will go over your information and most likely accept it unless it does not see the criteria stipulated above.

You will then receive a follow-up e-mail as to where to pick-up the passport stamp and what to do with it

Submission Request Form:

Complete the Wellness Passport Request Form at least 10 business days prior to your event date.

Contact Information:

For any questions, comments and/or concerns, contact:Thomas Lavenir via e-mail or phone: (540) 568-7314.

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