Why should you consider it?

Here are some personal testimonies of wha it is like being a LINKer and what previous LINKers have had to say about it:

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"Joining the LINKer program was one of the BEST experiences at JMU. Not only did I learn and develop new skills and grow as a person but I gained a family… We were all a united network. Whether it was for fun, academics, or if someone was in need, the LINKer team, the Office of International Programs (OIP), and the “Linkees” worked together to help each other out… The LINKer program helps international students further integrate into the JMU Community.  It is fun, exciting, has a great team, allows you to truly learn, unleash the leader inside you, and develop hard and soft skills. I am very grateful for this family as they have been a wonderful, inspiring, and useful network both at JMU and after graduation.
– Veronica Marchant ‘2016 [Chile]“

"Some skills I believed that I was able to obtain from the LINKer position was the ability to work within a large community of students and relate to a lot of different faculty and students. Leadership skills that were honed and sharpened during my LINKer position are being put to good use teaching and helping the emotionally disabled/challenged. A lot of students were “troublemakers” and not “challenged” enough, but have changed drastically since my help and intervention.
-- Tifford Tran ‘ 2014 (US/Vietnam)

It was a sense of community that quickly felt like a family. It was the leadership and teamwork skills that we gained along the way. It was the lifelong friends I made from my LINKer cohort, and it was definitely a big highlight of my JMU experience.
– Rania Sheikh ‘2014 [Ethiopia, UAE]

"Being a LINKer was something that has helped me a lot to build myself and I would advise anyone to be a part of it.
– Naseef Rahman ‘2013 ‘[Bangladesh]

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