In light of the unique working and learning opportunities, the LINKers form a strong bond with one another.
Being a LINKer is more than just a job... when you become a LINKer, you join the ‘LINK family’.

A few reasons why:

  • Develop your leadership and intercultural skills (highly valued by employers)

  • Add great experiences to your resume

  • Meet some amazing people and make some new friends

  • Be the first one to know and meet the new international students

  • Make an impact on campus and improve the visibility and experiences of the members of JMU's globally-minded community.

  • Work with a great team

  • You are guaranteed an on-campus job for 2 semesters (Spring and Fall)

  • Earn $1,000


What exactly will I be expected to do as a LINKer?

  • Maintain a high energy level, enthusiasm, and stamina.

  • Communicate promptly and effectively.

  • Be flexible and open-minded.

  • Commit to the Spring & Fall semesters of that specific year

  • Attend all of the bi-monthly meetings & training sessions

  • Submit a blog entry, conduct campus tours and group projects

  • Serve as International Student Leadership Conference hosts

  • Return to Harrisonburg by mid August to serve as international orientation leaders during Transitions


LINKers must:

  • Have completed at least 2 semesters

  • Be in good academic (with at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA) and immigration status

  • Perform all assigned duties timely, responsibly, and professionally.

Make sure that you submit this application form by Sunday, October 30 2016 5pm (EST)

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