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Program Information
  • Partners meet 1 on 1 for at least one hour per week. 
  • Discussion topics and monthly activities are provided to facilitate conversation and a meaningful experience.
  • Applications are accepted at the beginning of each semester.
  • Partners are matched within the first few weeks of the semester. 
  • Every effort is made to accommodate personal preferences; however preferences are not guaranteed.
  • Information about the pairing is sent via email.

Contact personEmma Lundeen (540) 568 6119.


The Conversation Partner Program was originally developed to assist international students in their adjustment to life at James Madison University and to the United States.  Through collaboration, the program also focuses on providing opportunities for students returning from Study Abroad to continue their global learning, for students interested in fostering relationships with individuals from around the world, and for students who wish to practice another language with a native speaker. 

This program is an exciting opportunity for mutual cultural exchange while practicing conversation skills in English and other languages (foreign language is not a requirement).

International students:
  • Learn about the culture of the United States (US) and US colleges and universities
  • Practice conversational English
  • Share your culture and experiences
Domestic students:
  • Learn about another culture (preparation for study abroad or international careers)
  • Practice another language with a native speaker (Arabic, Mandarin, Korean, etc)
  • Share about the US culture and your experiences

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