Want to earn credits for your International Affairs major or minor abroad? You have options to live and study across the globe through one of our semester, short-term, exchange, or external programs.

From Europe to Asia to South America, each of these programs offers incredible experiences showing students the history, culture, and lifestyle of another country, while offering credits to complete or compliment your degree. Studying abroad will expand your perspective, improve your critical thinking, increase your independence, and better prepare you for a career in the global marketplace.

See the list of recommended study abroad programs below.  Please be aware that for any external or exchange study abroad programs listed, students will need to check with their academic department to see if courses taken while abroad will transfer and fulfill needed requirements.

JMU Programs

International Affairs majors have participated in any number of programs, including but not limited to the following:

Semester in London - Fall, Spring, Summer

Semester in Florence - Fall, Spring, Summer

Semester in Salamanca - Fall, Spring, Summer

JMU in Argentina - Summer

JMU Summer in Ghana and Internship - Summer

Identity and Conflict in Austria, Croatia and Bosnia - Summer

The History and Politics of East Asia - Summer

Other Related JMU Programs

Summer in Reggio Calabria - Summer

East Africa Field School - Summer

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